U.S. Divers Lux Snorkel Set Review with Panoramic View and Phoenix Snorkel (Various Colors)


U.S. Divers Lux Snorkel Set with Phoenix Snorkel


Not bad. Not Great



  • Panoramic view
  • U.S. Divers Name
  • Dry Snorkel w/Phoenix Tech


  • Panoramic view distortion on sides
  • Mask Leaks on certain face types

Last Updated on July 1, 2023 by Snorkel Ken


Usually you can count on U.S. Divers for the very best in snorkeling gear.  Like most of their snorkel sets, this lux snorkel set is made with the very best of materials that are intended to provide comfort and quality.  This set does that but there’s a small fault in the design.  You can ready a few of the reviews on various snorkeling sites and even Amazon itself to realize that this is a hit or miss snorkel set; it will either fit you correctly and you’ll love or it will fail somewhere in comfort/seal and you’ll hate the thing.

U.S. Divers Lux Snorkel Set Features and Details:


The mask is usually where the trouble starts.  This is a great mask in theory…you get mostly full panoramic views of the water in front of you.  However, there’s a small design flaw somewhere because there are many reviews on Amazon where the mask seal let water in.  We tried it ourselves just to be sure and, sure enough, it leaked around the upper lip area.

Snorkel Tube

The Phoenix snorkel is solid, though.  The snorkel cap closes when underwater to keep water out and then opens when you surface to allow normal breathing again.  The ergonomic silicone mouthpiece provides comfort and reduces jaw fatigue.


Full pivot-flex technology which allows for maximum efficiency while keeping the fins themselves on the shorter side of the spectrum for easier maneuverability in the water.


Nothing too fancy, here.  Normal travel and carry bag with room for the set.

Of note about this snorkeling set is that it also has a Patented Soft Purge and Channeled Skirt Design around the mask to push bubbles up and out of the viewing area for a snorkeling experience.

You can get the US Divers Lux Snorkel Set with Phoenix Snorkel in any of the below colors (clickable images):


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