US Divers St. Tropez Snorkel Set Review with Deluxe Snorkel Bag, Travel Fins and Semi Dry Snorkel


US Divers St Tropez Snorkel Gear Set


Solid set, some weaknesses



  • Deluxe Bag
  • Travel Fins


  • Semi Dry snorkel
  • Wide feet don't fit well

Last Updated on June 30, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Colors Available: Blue, Black, Yellow and Red

Yes, we like to review US Divers snorkel gear.  Mainly because the company has such a large line of recreational snorkel gear to fit most people and their snorkel needs.  This St Tropez set may be the ultimate travel snorkel set as it comes with a travel size fins (“trek” fins) and the deluxe carry bag.  That being said, the set does have its limitations. Let’s get into the review!

US Divers St. Tropez Snorkel Set with Travel Fins and Deluxe Bag


The mask is good.  It is a single lens mask with Pro Glide, quick adjust straps.  The glass is tempered and the silicone skirt forms a good seal on the face.


The Seabreeze snorkel is a semi-dry that keeps most of the water out at the surface.  It has a well positioned mouth piece and curve to the snorkel that makes it a comfortable fit in the mouth.


The US Divers “trek” fins are some of the best made.  They are short and perfect for traveling on recreational snorkeling trips. Perfect for the times when you buy your snorkel gear online prior to your vacation or trip.  The snorkel fins are open heel with adjustable straps.  Note:  There were disclosures on the Amazon page for these fins that they didn’t fit wider feet.  As neither of us have wide feet, they fit us well.

Carry Bag:

We put a lot of stock and give lots of credit to snorkel sets that come with premium accessories such as snorkel vests and bags. This is the perfect bag for your set.  It is large enough to carry the complete plus more, yet small enough to be convenient to haul around either as a carry on, packed in a larger suitcase, or slung over a shoulder on your way to the snorkeling destination.

Final Analysis:

Good set with durability that will last a pretty long time.  You may, in the future, think about upgrading the snorkel to a 100% dry snorkel and the mask doesn’t have a purge valve in the nose (which we favor for beginners).  The fins and the bag are the highlights of this snorkel set, though.  We can recommend the US Divers St Tropez snorkel gear set pretty highly…it won’t get our top rating but it is a great value.


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