3 Sea Turtles in 1 Video: Snorkeling Kaiona Beach Park, Oahu


One of my favorite snorkel spots on Oahu is Kaiona Beach Park.  There are always plenty of turtles and fish.  It’s where I saw my first sea horse, too.  This past weekend there were lots of turtles around.  In this video alone there are 3 and we must have seen at least 4 others.

Things to Look for in this video:

**I sound my “turtle here” call almost immediately in the video…about 3 to 5 seconds in you can hear my patented “kawkaaaaw” call to let Lizzy know I have a turtle in my sights.

**Between 1 minute 30 and 1 minute 40, you’ll see a second turtle buzz by Lizzy (“the Girlfriend”) and her point to it and actually call my name while I am snorkeling and following my little turtle.  I’m pretty much oblivious.  LOL.

Enjoy.  Snorkel Safe!


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