5 Best Snorkel Gear Sets for Men


Last Updated on July 3, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Men, we want the best, right?  Well, at least the best quality for the best price. We want to make sure that the stuff that we own is made well and works well.  Snorkeling is no different.  It’s very possible to buy really bad snorkel gear that won’t work well.  Sure, we look for value but we also want to make sure that the things that we buy are going to work when we need them to.

Here are the 5 best snorkel gear sets for men that you can get.  And just like many of our other purchases they are not super expensive but they are quality snorkeling sets that will last you a long time.

Below is our list of the best reviewed snorkel sets for men,  after that you’ll find a list of the current best selling snorkel sets on Amazon. We chose our pick based on brand, quality and value.  These are the best we have used for the best prices. Take your pick!

Top 5 Snorkel Sets for Men

The US Diver Admiral Trek Snorkeling Set

This is the set we prefer and, in most cases, recommend.  It is consistently a great performing set with a dry snorkel and travel size fins for easy packing and taking.  This may be a perfect or guys on the move that are headed to vacation.  After a little while of using the smaller, travel size fins you may feel that you need something with a little more size and power, though.  Just something to consider if you plan on snorkeling often.

The US Divers Starbuck with Hinge Flex Fins

This is a 1 lens mask with a purge valve in the nose and a dry snorkel  The hinge flex fins are designed for maximum push and power in the water while at the same time the open foot pocket make them comfortable to wear and easy to adjust with the buckles.  This is a standard sized fin so there’s nothing too big about them.  The Starbuck set is a very good seller and has great reviews.

Promate Snorkeling Set-All Black with Dual Lens Mask

The all black make of this snorkeling set is a man made dream of style and awesomeness. Dry snorkel, dual lens mask with purge and ultra-soft silicone along with sturdy fins make this a great set.   While the set may look basic, it is anything but.  The fins are great for snorkeling or just kicking around in the water, the purge valve in the make make it easy to clear, and the silicone skirt makes for a great seal on almost any face.

Cressi Palau Snorkel Set

This is a sharp looking set for the guy who is snorkeling on tropical beaches.  The lack of a purge valve on the mask doesn’t hurts the rating just a bit but the silicone does form a great seal.  The Palau set is one of our favorites in the Cressi line of gear.  It was built for snorkeling the tropical islands and you’ll feel better in the water with it on.

US Divers St. Tropez

This set comes with trek fins for easy transport, and a semi-dry snorkel.   The main feature of this set is the great bag, though PLUS the better than average snorkel gear.  A great find for the price!  The St. Tropez is a set that we didn’t get to try out ourselves until very recently.  However, after just a few minutes of having it on we loved it. Ultra-comfortable.  You can wear or longer periods of time and the comfort never goes away.

Best Selling Men’s Snorkel Sets on Amazon

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