Atomic Snorkel Set Review: Ultimate Set


Atomic Snorkel Set Review



  • Best snorkel set we've worn
  • Split fins
  • Impeccable mask


  • Cost
  • Semi-dry snorkel only

Last Updated on July 5, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

We try to keep our reviews within a certain “quality vs. value” threshold.  We know that most people who snorkel only do so as a recreational hobby or perhaps only go snorkeling when they’re on vacation; once, twice…maybe three times a year.  For that reason, we like to review and recommend snorkel sets that are affordable and will last you through years and ensure a great time in the water.

]This review may diverge from the affordable aspect of most of your reviews for some people who read this.  However, if you’re an avid snorkeler and want only the best snorkeling gear available that is also good to go free diving, spear fishing, and SCUBA then these Atomic snorkel sets are right up your alley.  They are the best snorkel gear that we can find without regard for cost.  Keep that in mind. First off, you’d be hard pressed to find another review on these sets in regards to their functionality for snorkeling only.  There isn’t even a review on Amazon that I could find.  That is mainly due to the set being purchased by divers and spear fishermen.  However, that doesn’t mean that snorkelers can’t have the type of high-quality mask, fins and snorkel that they used.  In fact, there are a lot of reason to purchase a set like this for the “constant” snorkeler or someone who does it 3 or more times per month.

  • The mask skirt is soft and made of the highest caliber black silicone. It seals well and the tempered glass makes this the perfect underwater mask for any activity.  It’s light and low volume.
  • The semi-dry snorkel has a well sized and comfortable mouthpiece and is ergonomically designed to not put stress on the mouth when swimming and diving. It’s easy to clear, too.
  • The split fins that you see pictured are the type of fins that professional divers and spear fishing enthusiasts use all the time. They provide maximum power and comfort at the same time.  It is recommended that you wear a pair of snorkel or scuba socks along with these fins.
  • High quality means that you can store this set for months, with the proper rinse of fresh water beforehand, and come back to it with no dry rotting, cracks, or broken clips and buckles.
  • Multiple colors make the snorkel set a hit with the ladies and the fellas’.
  • The mesh bag makes packing and travel a cinch, even though we always recommend getting a multipurpose snorkel gear bag, especially when hiking or walking any kind of distance to your snorkel location.

You can read more about the Atomic Snorkel Sets here or you can opt to research more affordable options in the best seller list below. [easyazon_bestseller items=”5″ locale=”US” node=”3406881″ tag=”snorkelstore03-20″ title=”Bestselling Adult Snorkel Gear”]


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