Best Dive Booties for Snorkeling in 2023


Last Updated on July 5, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

SCUBA boots or dive booties?  I don’t know. It matters where you’re looking and they might be called different things.  However, whether you call them boots or booties, they come in mighty handy and they’re a great accessory to have whether you’re snorkeling or diving.  For the purpose of this post, we’re going to look at dive booties primarily for the purpose of snorkeling.

When we’re talking about dive booties for snorkeling, keep in mind that we don’t need to buy the ultra expensive kind of boots that you’d buy for diving in deep, cold waters. For a good look at what you need if you’re thinking of buying dive gear, go here.

Primary Reason Why You May Need Booties to Snorkel

Snorkeling booties to keep our tootsies warm, lol.

Extremities lose heat the fastest.  You may be snorkeling in a tropical environment but if you stay in the water long, then you’ll start getting a little cold.  Booties help retain some heat.

Help with Comfort in Fins

Depending on the type or fit of the fins you you’ve bought through the The Snorkel Store ?…you made find that the back strap or the foot pocket bothers your feet.  Snorkel booties will pad those rub spots and help with comfort.

Walking on the Rocks and Coral

This may be the most important function of dive boots.  They works a bit better than water shoes for walking along coral and the rocky surfaces that you’ll some face getting in and out of the water.

Our Pick for the Top 5 Dive Booties when Snorkeling

Mares Equator 2mm

The protective tall heel wraps upwards on heel to add great protection. The 2mm neoprene offers great heat retention and comfort in boots.  These soles are particularly good for gripping around slippery tide pools.

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Neosport 3mm High Ankle w/Zipper

Diving or snorkeling at most depths will feel great and your feet will be warm and comfortable.  These boots are particularly durable because of the low profile stitching and malleability.

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(Our Favorite for Snorkelers) Seavenger 3mm low cut socks

While most diving purists would probably stay away from this product, it really is perfect for us snorkelers.  It comes in multiple colors to make your tropical vacation stylish and cool. But it also works great in the practical sense.  These are the socks that are good for diving but are GREAT snorkeling, paddle-boarding, kayaking etc.

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Akona Low Cuts

These are superior sealed water shoe/dive boot.  They’re great for snorkeling, tide pooling, shelling, etc.  They work great in places that have coral and rocky approaches to the best snorkel spots.  They’re not the cheapest but they are among the best that we’ve ever used.

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Phantom Aquatics 3mm

Lightweight and travel friendly, the Phantom Aquatics Navigator Boots are perfect for the diver, snorkeler, surfer on the go who wants to cut down on bulky equipment. Durable and comfortable, these boots feature a textured grip outsole for optimal traction.

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Things to Keep in Mind

Remember, there are very practical uses and needs for a good pair or dive boots or socks.  While snorkeling we may not be diving to extreme depths or in cold environments these products are an added comfort to any snorkeling experience.  They’re also a snorkeling safety product as it protects feet and ankles for bangs and cuts against coral and rocks.


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