Best Prescription Snorkel Masks: If You Can’t See…Why Go?


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Need a prescription snorkel maskIt is important for us to see the underwater world clearly, so that, we can enjoy and appreciate its beauty when snorkeling. As our eyes are designed for an open-air environment, it cannot really focus in the under-water environment. Thus, we need to wear snorkel mask or goggles in order to create an air space for our eyes to view properly under the water. Make sure that your diving mask is a good snorkeling mask as well, which is equally important.

The prescription mask is recommended for the people with far or nearsightedness. Those people, who have a prescription of about -1 diopters, can view clearly with a normal mask, as when you view object through that mask, it will appear about twenty-five percent larger as a result of refraction of light. But if your eyesight is weaker, you should use a prescription mask. Generally manufactures offer lenses from -1.5 to -8. However, you should rather not expect the lenses to match your prescription perfectly. For example, generally if a person has a prescription of -3.25, there is a high chance that he will either get a -2.0 or a -2.5. Mostly these kind of minor differences do not become too much of a problem, as they offer a much better view compared to the ones with normal lenses. These masks come in different price ranges and designs.

5 Best Prescription Snorkel Masks

Here is a list of five highly rated prescription snorkel mask which you should check out before making your buying decisions.

  1. Promate Sea-Viewer mask Prescription lens

This 2-window scuba mask is made in Thailand. It is ideal for medium-sized faces and can be used for both snorkeling and diving purposes. The skirt and the strap have been made by injecting liquid silicon in them. The goggle has a double-edge seal, which is extremely comfortable to wear. It is low in volume and has adjustable buckles. It offers a broad peripheral view. They have certified technicians who can install the RX tempered lens in the mask.

These tempered glasses are the safety glasses, which are also known as the toughened glasses. These glasses have more strength than the normal glasses, as they are processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments. This tempering in the glass creates balanced internal stresses. Thus, if the glasses are broken, it will automatically crumble into granular chunks. The granular chunks are less likely to cause injury compared to the jagged shards. These lenses are usually heavier than polycarbonate lenses, but, the later get scratched quite easily.

  1. IST Prescription Mask- Optical Corrective Scuba Diving Snorkeling Mask

This scuba diving mask is versatile in nature. It is ideal for the medium-sized face, but, can fit almost everyone. It is a low profile mask, yet very smart and fashionable. The internal volume matches the Great IST quality. It is a light weighted and compact mask. The silicon skirt is injected with 100% hypoallergenic liquid. Thus the mask remains soft and comfortable for many years. This hypoallergenic silicon mask provides watertight seal.

Its minimum eye-lens distance allows to get a broad peripheral view in all directions. The prescription lenses which are fitted by expert technicians will be clear and optically correct. The swivel buckle is soft and adjustable according to the preference of every diver. It is a modern mask which has a low profile and an ultra low volume. It is specially suited for people with slightly narrower faces.

  1. Scuba Dive Snorkeling Mask with Optical Corrective

This Thailand based product is best suited for medium-sized faces, but can be comfortably used by everyone. The mask has a double-edge comfortable seal, whose width is 4 and the height is 3 3/8. The skirt and the strap are injected with liquid silicon and the mask is extremely low in volume. Thus, it can be worn comfortably for several years to come.

In this mask the tempered lens, which is a safety lens is installed in the mask by certified technicians. These glasses are processed by chemical treatments and are thus, stronger than the normal glasses. This tempering helps to create balanced internal stresses. Thus, even if the glass breaks down, it will crumble into smaller granular chunks, which will have less chances of causing injury. These types of lenses also have lesser chances of getting scratched compared to the polycarbonate lenses. You can even get Biofocal Optical correction lenses, which are also known as Gauge Reader.

  1. Focus Cressi Snorkeling Diving Mask, available with prescription optical corrective lenses

It is highly versatile and comes in different shapes and sizes. Thus, it can fit perfectly in different facial shapes. The mask is very light weighted and has swiveling quick adjustable buckles. It offers a low volume twin lens design. Thus, divers and snorkelers can use it for a long period of time.

The lenses can be ordered according to your individual prescription for corrective lenses. Even though the range of the corrective lenses is a bit limited, it includes the most popular prescriptions. The lenses are interchangeable. Thus, if your prescription changes over time, you can easily swap in the new ones.

The users have not faced any leaking or fogging of the lenses. Thus, you will not miss your contact lenses and can be used comfortably for extended dives. This is a great product at such a reasonable price and can be used by any skill levels.

  1. Promate Snorkeling Mask with Optical Corrective Lens

These masks are double-windowed but thin and soft. These are low-profile masks, which have easily adjustable buckles directly attached to the skirts. There are soft and shaped depressions on both sides of the nose compartment, which will help you to equalize the mask quite easily.

The RX Tempered Lenses are perfectly installed in the mask by certified technicians. The nearsighted corrective lenses are available ranging from -1 to -10 (by increments of 0.5). These come in various colours, so that, one can choose it according to their style and preferences.

Even if you are going to use them just in the vacations, them you should rather buy them with their full set, as that will help you to avoid rental fees.


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