Best Snorkel Sets for Your Next Family Vacation (Bundle)


Last Updated on June 26, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Is your family going to  one of the Top Snorkeling Spots in the World for your next vacation?

We sometimes make the mistake of thinking that people have all day long to look around the website here and find the perfect snorkel set for everyone in their family. We know your time is valuable and even after choosing the 2 to 5 sets of snorkel gear that you need, then you’ll still have to go to Amazon to check out and pay. That’s why we’ve created this “bundle” page where we list the perfect snorkel gear sets for a family and actually include everything that you’ll need in the bundle for your family snorkeling adventure.

How to Use the Bundle Section

The bundle page is easy to use, too and consists of some of the best snorkel sets that I have reviewed. If you see that the bundle may be of some interest to you then you can click on the “Buy at Amazon” button and add or subtract any of the items that you don’t want or want more of. This makes the bundle uber-customized and you can get a price before even going over to Amazon. If you’d like to see any more bundles in the future, then please let me know:

[FreshBundle bundle_id=”family_snorkel_pack_001″ layout=”grid” columns=”3″ custom_title=”Family Bundle” custom_buy_button=”Buy it from Amazon” custom_cta=”Get it all in one place” target=”current” ]

That’s a lot of good savings!

Bundle Specifics:

  • I really like the 4 adult sets in the bundle:
  • US Diver’s Admiral, Cressi Palau, US Divers Starbuck and Head by Mares.
  • The kid’s sets are solid, as well: US Divers Youth Flare has great color options for kids and the Dorado is a solid snorkel gear set.
  • We’ve also added mask defogger, neoprene mask straps for long hair, and some snorkel vest options.
  • I don’t think it is necessary to buy any additional storage with these sets as they each come with their own carry bag.

The family bundles have different options for adults and kids. Keep in mind that depending on how old your children are then you may want to go ahead and get them an adult set only because they may grow out of their children’s snorkel set very, very quickly.

We are also going to include some necessary accessories that we consider vital to a great snorkeling experience. It’s always smart to buy snorkel vacation gear PRIOR to arriving in your vacation location. Everything that you find in and around popular vacation spots is going to be more expensive (a lot more expensive) then anything that you find on Amazon or in the stores well ahead of your trip.

Happy Snorkeling!


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