Best Ways to Protect Your Body from the Sun While Snorkeling


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There’s nothing like enjoying few hours or an entire day on the beach, at a resort, or off the back of a boat snorkeling.  It doesn’t matter who you are, most of us are intrigued and spectaculated (is that a word?) by the ocean and what resides beneath its surface.  From colorful coral to turtles, fish, and even eels.

Sure, the ocean has its share of dangers but a lot of the real danger in snorkeling and “beaching it” is from that big, yellow ball of fire in the sky.  The sun.  But don’t worry. has you covered.  (Pun intended).  Here are a few tips and links to ways that will help you protect your body from the sun and some items that will have you protected.

3 Ways to Protect Your Body from the Sun While Snorkeling


  1. Apply a Water Proof Sunscreen Generously

Put it on.  Lather it on.  Rub it in.  Everywhere.  Re-apply every so often as directed by the bottle but at a minimum every time you come out of the water.  Don’t forget! Snorkeling can be fun and the time will fly by.

  1. Wear a Rash Guard

If you wear a rash guard you won’t need to remember to reapply sunscreen when you should.  However, depending on the kind and size of rash guard you wear, you may still have exposed skin so have some strong SPF, waterproof sunscreen with you.

  1. Limit Your Time in the Sun

This is obvious, but still worth mentioning.  There are many beaches that provide cover.  Whether it is a man made covering or a few palm trees, you can still get sun and have fun snorkeling by setting up and dropping your snorkel gear and towel in the shade.

Keep in mind that the sun and over-exposure to it doesn’t just cause burns and blisters but it also gives you wrinkles, freckles, aging, and cancer.  Protect yourself and your family for an awesome time snorkeling.


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