Cressi Agua Short Fin Review


Cressi Agua Short Fins





  • Easy to Pack
  • Foot pocket, no straps


  • Less propulsion through water
  • Not adjustable

Last Updated on June 21, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

For snorkelers, picking the right fins for their trip is just as important as picking a quality mask. However, snorkel fins come in so many different styles, do they really make a difference? Of course they do! Classic long fins provide unparalleled power in the water, but short fins like the Cressi Agua come with their own unique advantages.

Features of the Cressi Agua Short Fins:

Short blade fins often have the advantage of being able to walk on land, allowing you to keep some dignity rather than making you look silly flopping your way towards the water. However, we don’t buy snorkel fins for their performance on land. The Cressi Agua feature shorter, wider fins than traditional models which still give them a certain amount of power in the water, but not as much thrust as traditional long fins. Essentially, the short fins require more power from the legs in order to get the optimum thrust of long fins. However, because the leg power required for the same speed will mean you will tire out faster, snorkelers using short fins like the Cressi Agua should be prepared for a slower trip around the reef unless they are exploring an area with very little current.


The major benefit of short fins like the Agua is that they are easier to pack, taking up only a fraction of the space in your snorkel bag or suitcase, making them ideal for traveling. Yet they also have their advantages in the water. For those visiting shallow snorkel sites where you have to be extra careful not to disturb the coral, the Cressi Agua is ideal. Long fins require very careful strokes so that their sheer length doesn’t bump the coral which can cause damage or, at very least, will scare away the marine life. With short fins, it makes shallow reefs easily traversed providing you do not take particularly wide leg strokes.


One disadvantage that the Cressi Agua has compared to other short fins is that the foot pocket, while somewhat stretchy, is not one size fits all. It comes in a variety of men’s and women’s sizes, but those with very large feet will not find the Agua in their size. Yet, the advantage of the Agua’s shoe-like foot pocket is that it clings excellently to the foot and does not rub against the skin like other fins may. This reduces the need for fin socks to prevent rubbing and blisters. Unfortunately, if you get the Cressi Agua too large, they may not cling to the skin properly and blisters may become a possiblity.

Final Analysis:

For those who enjoy style with their snorkel gear, you are out of luck with the Cressi Agua. They only come in the blue and black style seen in the picture.

Cressi Agua Short, blue, EU 43/44
Price: $33.95
You Save: $6.00 (15%)
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