Cressi Palau Travel Snorkeling Fins Review


Cressi Short Blade Travel Snorkel Fins



  • Travel
  • Comfort
  • Colors


  • Not as much thrust as standard

Last Updated on July 2, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Snorkeling fins that display the “travel” mark are shorter and more convenient to pack and travel with. Cressi short blade finsare made of good quality material, they wear comfortable, and they provide adequate thrust through the water.

Cressi says that they have the same great features as the standard sized Palau fin for snorkeling but just in a shorter package.  We disagree here.  They are great and very worth having, that’s for sure.  However, the shorter blades on snorkeling fins are not giving you the same thrust and control as the standard sizes.

That being said,  you still get a comfortable foot pocket, easy adjustable straps, and a variety of colors.

The Cress Short Blade Travel Fins come in the following colors:

Blue, white, pink, yellow and red..  You can follow this link to Amazon to check out these colors even more!


  1. I absolutely LOVE snorkeling but my one BIG problem is trying to expel the water from the tube when I surface but I WANT to be able to swim below the surface to see things closer up. What would be the best option for me? Full Face mask like the Tribord or an ultra dry snorkel set? Would I be able to swim down to see things closer with the Tribord? Please help!

    • Dottie

      I would go with the ultra dry. The Trinity is cumbersome unless staying the too 2 feet of water. It’s large aND the air pressure plays havoc on it at depth. Go ultra dry!

      Thx for stopping by.

      Ken and Lizzy

      • Sorry…I typed that response from my phone. “Trinity” is supposed to be “Tribord” and it’s supposed to read “the TOP 2 feet of water”.


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