Do You have to See Fish to be Snorkeling?


Last Updated on October 10, 2022 by Snorkel Ken

Snorkel Ken

I often go snorkeling with people who expect to see fish. I know that sounds like a given to a lot of people but to be honest I don’t go snorkeling all the time to see fish and coral. I go for a lot of reasons.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I don’t go to the beach or to the ocean unless I can snorkel in that location. Living in Hawaii there are a lot of famous beaches that I just don’t care because of the high-surf and sandy, non-snorkeling bottoms.

There are lots of reasons, though, to grab your snorkeling gear and head to the beach and NOT see fish with a mask, tube and flippers.

My Favorite Reasons to Snorkel and NOT See Fish:

To See Turtles, Seals and Dolphins

Lots of the best places to see sea turtles, seals and dolphins are not the shallow waters with lots of coral. For those sightings you often need to go to calm bays with semi-deep water that is also clear.

Snorkel for Sea Shells

I dig going after sea shells when snorkeling. They’re a blast to find and can keep me busy for a while. In order to find sea shells I usually just snorkel in the water a few feet (ocean side, not beach side) from where the ocean breaks on the beach. That’s where the debris tends to gather..against the incline where the sand really starts to rise.

Recreation and Fitness

When I go stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), I bring my snorkel gear. When I’m on a kayak…I bring my snorkel gear. I always have, at the least, my snorkel and mask. Swimming is a great form of exercise and whenever I’m in the ocean I feel better with a mask and snorkel. I spend more time swimming and treading water.

Those are just a few of the reasons why people would love to go snorkeling and not see fish. If you already have the snorkeling bug then you probably know exactly what I mean.

Stay safe and Happy Snorkeling!


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