Find the Best Snorkeling Sites in Hawaii


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Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are many tourists who are interested in visiting this beautiful place. Hawaii can be a perfect place for you who love nature and snorkeling. There are several snorkeling spots that are available in this area. Before you visit Hawaii, you can read this page to find some of the best snorkeling sites in Hawaii easily. These places are very popular among many tourists because they offer beautiful views for all visitors.

The Top 5 Snorkeling Sites in Hawaii

1. Hanauma Bay, Oahu

It is one of the most popular snorkeling spots in this area. This place is very well-known for its clean and warm water. You are able to watch beautiful and friendly fish around yourself when you are swimming in this area. It is very easy to get access to this snorkeling site. You can simply use Kalanianaole Highway for reaching this beautiful spot. This place is also suitable for novice and beginner snorkelers because of its safe and calm water.

2. Makaha Beach Park, Oahu

This is another popular snorkeling spot that you can visit now. There are many beautiful views that are offered by this place. This snorkeling site is very well-known for its clear and beautiful water. When you visit this place, you are able to view some natural beauties, such as underwater caverns, tunnels, and also arches. You can also look at several sea species, for example green sea turtles, eels, manta rays, eagle rays, and also transiting dolphins.

3. Kealakekua Bay, Big Island

Many tourists want to visit this place because this spot offers many great advantages for all visitors. This place also has the famous Captain Cook monument that is very popular among many people. It can be a perfect underwater marine sanctuary that you need to visit while you are in Hawaii. You will be able to find any types of sea animals, for example sea turtles, dolphins, and many other beautiful species easily.

4. Kapalua Bay, Maui

If you want to enjoy great snorkeling experience in Hawaii, you should take a look at this beautiful place. This place has nice and great sandy beach, so you can spend your vacation time on this beach. It can be another great snorkeling place for all tourists. You can simply enjoy your snorkeling experience without any advanced skills. This place has calm water that is suitable for all beginners who come to this place.

5. Anini Beach, Kauai

When you want to take a look at beautiful natural views from Hawaii, you can consider visiting this place. The water at Anini beach is very shallow. This spot also has the largest reef on Kauai, so you are able to enjoy beautiful views in this snorkeling spot. Anini can provide great opportunity for all tourists, especially who want to explore the underwater crannies and nooks around the reef’s edge. Anini is recommended for all beginner snorkelers because of its calm water.

Finding the best snorkeling spot in Hawaii should not be a complicated and difficult task to do. You can simply visit your favorite snorkeling spot when you are visiting this area. Don’t forget to bring all important tools and safety equipment, so you can have unforgettable snorkeling experience in Hawaii. When it is possible, you can also ask for getting snorkeling permit from any local people in your favorite snorkeling spot.


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