How to Clear a Snorkel Tube of Water


Last Updated on July 5, 2023 by Snorkel Ken


If your snorkel tube fills up with water then you’ll need to clear it.  Although most quality snorkel gear that you buy these days will have some sort of dry technology from entering the tube, even when diving below the surface, there are still times when you will need to clear the snorkel.  Purge valves also come with most brands and types when you buy snorkel gear.  However, if you opted to rent rather than buy snorkel gear then chances are that you may not be getting premium gear.

Best Methods of Clearing a Snorkel of Water

The Blast Clear Method

This is the most popular method, by far.  Whether you have a purge valve or not on your snorkel this method should work.  Simply blow the water out through the snorkel so that it “blasts” out the top of the tube.  Snorkels that have purge valves will force the water out through the bottom of the mouthpiece.

The Displacement Method

Another method used simple displacement physics and it’s called…drum roll…the displacement clear.  The displacement clear can be used with snorkels not equipped with a purge valve. While still under the surface and heading to the top, look straight up and exhale a small amount of air into the snorkel. As the water pressure changes the air expands and pushes the water out of the top of the snorkel so that when you surface it is a clear tube.

Knowing how to clear a snorkel tube of water in any situation is paramount.  Not only for a comfortable and long-lasting snorkeling experience but also for your safety.  The best bet is to buy a snorkeling set that has purge valves and dry top technology.



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