4 Best Phantom Aquatics Snorkel Sets


Last Updated on June 29, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Phantom-AquaticsI couldn’t find out much about Phantom Aquatics the company after looking online. In fact, their homepage still says coming soon.

What I do know is that they make some great snorkel gear to go along with all of the SCUBA and dive products in their manufacturing inventory.

One of the Phantom line has made our reviews here and it rated pretty decently at a 7.3. There are a bunch of Phantom Aquatics snorkel sets that we like and we are focusing on our top 5 below for this snorkel set review round-up.

So, why are we only showing your 4 sets from Phantom Aquatics? Because they’re the only ones that we feel are worth reviewing and that are consistent with our other reviews.

**Most of the sets below come in various colors and are available for a closer look and more information at Amazon by clicking their respective image.

4 Best Phantom Aquatics Snorkel Gear Sets

Phantom Aquatics Speed Sport Mask Set

Built as Phantom Aquatics “speed set”, they put a lot of work into the snorkel fins of this set. Still, while we like it, it really is just a basic set with a little improvement on the fins. Liquid silicone skirt on the dual lens mask that is comfortable and seals well and a semi-dry snorkel that keep splash water out. This is a more basic and beginner set than any other on this lits.

Basic Snorkel Set from Phantom Aquatics

Even though there is no fancy name or description for this set, it still is a very workable set for any beginner snorkeler. Easy on-and-off fins, with optimized blade angle for push. Dry top snorkel and a 2 lens snorkel mask that is lightweight and sleek looking. It comes with a mesh carry bag that is good enough to carry the entire set.

Phantom Aquatics Santorini Snorkel Set

Great vented and angled mask lenses for great field of view even for a 2 lens mask. The liquid silicone skirt off the mask is soft and forms a great seal. The snorkel is 100% dry and also includes a purge valve at the bottom for easy clearing. The fin blades feature a below the blade foot pocket so that you get more surface area of the fin into the kick for more power.

Legenderry Snorkel Set

The Legenderry Snorkel Set from Phantom Aquatics by far and away, in our opinion, the best snorkel set that the company makes. The mask is 3 windows for a great, wide view and has quick release straps and buckles for easy adjusting. The fins are vented perfectly for some extra push in the water as well as easy to get on and off. The dry top snorkel is well made and keeps water out above and below the surface.

Those are the 4 best snorkeling sets by Phantom Aquatics. You can compare them even more in the table below by price.

[easyazon_table attributes=”Brand,ListPrice,Color” identifiers=”B00TP0QXZM,B00YQK9LNM,B00A1R2582,B00QL5003K” locale=”US” orientation=”at” tag=”snorkelstore03-20″ text=”Phantom Aquatics Legendary Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Mesh Bag, All Black, Large/X-Large|Phantom Aquatics Santorini Mask Fin Snorkel Set|Phantom Aquatics Adult Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Mesh Bag, Blue, Large/X-Large/Size 9 to 13|Phantom Aquatics Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Mesh Bag, Adult”]


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