Promate Dry Snorkel and Purge Mask with Panoramic View Set Review


Promate Dry Snorkel and Purge Mask with Panoramic View Set







  • Dry Top
  • Panoramic View


  • No fins, no bag

Last Updated on July 2, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

When choosing a snorkel mask, serious snorkelers all typically have a similar set of criteria when picking one out. It is important that it fits snuggly on the face, doesn’t leak, and doesn’t fog up constantly. However, one of the most important functions of a snorkel mask is that you can actually see out of it. Obviously! The more you can see, the better. It is not like snorkelers are wearing them as a fashion statement.

Most snorkel masks give you an excellent frontal view, but tend to block off anything that is happening on your side. This means that you are not only missing out on any interesting marine life or scenery, but you will constantly have to turn your head to check on your snorkel partner.

So what about a snorkel mask that doesn’t have those thick blocking edges? Does it still work? Is it as comfortable? The Promate dry snorkel and purge mask with panoramic view set includes a Avanti TL Side-View Edgeless Purge Mask and a Cobra Dry Whistle Snorkel  that allows for an unparalleled views underwater.

The Mask

There are a number of multi-windowed masks on the market already, but typically while you can see out the front and the sides, there are massive gaps in between that obstruct your field of vision. While the Avanti features the same multi-window design, the construction of the mask allows for a panoramic view, removing the typical vision breaks in traditional windowed masks. Additionally, to provide the best underwater view, the channeled skirt of the mask allows for bubbles to be directed away from the field of view.

As a purge mask, the Avanti used Promate’s patented purge system to allow for another channel to breathe air out and remove excess water from within. Unfortunately, the purge system and overall design of the mask makes the nose cavity very snug. While the mask is marketed for large to medium-sized faces, the nose cavity is much more suited for small to medium-sized noses.

While the nose cavity can be snug, the swivel, adjustable buckle, and hypoallergenic silicone face skirt allows for optimum comfort for those who have the noses to fit comfortably in the mask. Leaks are uncommon in the mask once it has been properly adjusted.

The Snorkel

The Cobra snorkel features a unique dry design that uses a newly patented upper valve to keep water from entering the snorkel combined with a splash guard to make sure you aren’t gagging on rancid salt water after a big swell. Yet, these new additions still allowing air to easily enter and exit the tube for unobstructed breathing.

The Cobra also features built-in whistle housing and a quick slip-in snorkel keeper for added ease of use. The flexible silicone low section, pre-curved silicone mouthpiece, and silicon purge value allow for optimum comfort that prevents jaw fatigue and allows for easy draining.

Both mask and snorkel come in matching colors in the set. These colors include clear, solid black, neon pink, titanium, neon yellow, transparent black, and blue.


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