What is the Best Kids Snorkel Set?


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It’s important to make sure that your children have the correct snorkeling gear.  More important than making sure that you have good gear.  A good snorkel set that fits well and keeps kids comfortable and safe in the water is paramount.  There are a lot of  good snorkel sets for children.  However, there are NOT a lot of great snorkel sets for kids. Sometime as parents and guardians we make the mistake of buying kids the low end snorkel gear stuff because we’re not sure that they’re going to enjoy the experience or, even if they love the experience, their attention spans may not guarantee they’ll remember it for a long time.  I couldn’t agree less. Above all is safety.  Bad snorkeling gear can leak around the mask and let water into the snorkel.  That can result in swallowing water, breathing it in, panic, and worse.  That’s not a risk I’d be willing to take with my kid.  I don’t think that it’s one that you’re willing to take with yours either and that’s why I decide to write this review list of the best kids snorkel gear sets.


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So, who makes the best snorkel set for kids?  Like we said, there are a lot of good ones.  Here’s the secret:  Don’t buy a different brand of snorkel gear just because you’re buying it for a child.  Stick with the known leaders in the industry for quality snorkel gear.  Brands like US Divers, Aqualung, Promate, Cressi and Mares are amongst the leaders in adult snorkel gear as well kids.

Note 1: Most of these options below we have done a full review on this site and we have linked to that page at the end of the set description.

Note 2: I don’t recommend buying a snorkel set with a kickboard UNLESS you’re famliarizing a very young child with snorkeling in a pool.  I wouldn’t let them get accustomed to having the kickboard because in the ocean they are not dependable.  It is better to just buy them a snorkeling vest because they are attached to the child and in the event of panic, ensuring that they hold onto the kickboard is a big gamble and makes it more difficult for them.

Note 3:  When buying kids snorkel gear I always recommend buying snorkel fins that are open heel because are easily adjustable to count for growing feet.  Closed pocket fins are a recipe for having to buy another pair the very next time you go snorkeling…and it saves you money.

Promate Kids Snorkel Set with Vest

This particular kids set takes care of one of my largest worries by providing a snorkel vest along with it.  Couple that with a tempered, single lens mask, comfortable open heel fins, and a 100% submersible dry snorkel all nicely packaged with a mesh carry bag and you have yourself a top-notch snorkel set for a kid.  Read our full review here or find it on Amazon.

US Divers Junior Snorkel Set

US Divers is by-and-away my favorite all around snorkel set brand.  They make lots and lots of different sets in many different colors.  This particular set has a dry top snorkel, nicely fitting fins, dual-lens mask with quick release buckles and a carry bag.  Read our full review here or find it on Amazon.

Mares Junior Snorkel Set

The Mares Pirate Junior snorkeling set is a very nice gear ensemble that comes with a dry top snorkel, dual lens mask, ultra soft silicone, vented blades for ease on the legs and great movement in the water.  The carry bag is packaged along with the set.

Cressi Kids Snorkel Set

The Cressi Junior Snorkel set has two colors, blue on neon yellow and purple on pink.  Dual lens mask, comfortable straps, dry snorkel, sleek and powerful fins with an open pocket, but doesn’t come with a carry bag.  It took me a while to warm up to the Cressi brand of snorkel gear but when I did, I was really happy with the decision.

Head by Mares “Pirate” Junior Snorkel Set

Soft silicone around the mask skirt and straps make the mask ultra comfortable. Vented fins for less stress on the legs and knees, dry tops snorkel with well-fitting mouthpiece for smaller mouths and a carry bag that fits the entire set. That’s our round up and a solid list of what makes the best kids snorkel set.  There are a lot of quality sets out there are that are marketed towards the “junior” or “child” snorkel sets but there are also a lot of cheap gear that brands think they can get away with just because they’re made for kids.  These are our best recommendations based on what our own kids have worn and what we’ve seen work.  Also, just because a set isn’t on this list that doesn’t make it a bad kids snorkel set.  If you have any questions then please don’t be afraid to ask via the “contact” page or the comments below.

More Great Kids Snorkel Set Options:

[easyazon_table attributes=”Brand,ListPrice” identifiers=”B00BUME3MS,B00RTMCNG6,B00RTMCKMS,B00LCC1888″ locale=”US” orientation=”at” tag=”snorkelstore03-20″ text=”U.S. Divers Junior Dorado Mask, Proflex Fins and Sea Breeze Snorkel Combo Set, Fun Blue, Small/Medium|U.S. Divers Youth Flare Junior Silicone Snorkeling Set, Neon Black, Large (3-6)|U.S. Divers Youth Buzz Junior Snorkeling Set, Neon Blue, Large (3-6)|Cressi Junior Rocks Mask Fin Snorkel Set, PRPK-LG”]


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