Snorkel Video Hawaii


Last Updated on June 21, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

This is the first of many video posts that we’ll be posting when we go on our personal snorkeling adventures.

In this video you’ll see many fish and a few interesting pieces of coral. I’ll also include the Hawaiian name for the fish in italics.   The video includes convict tang (manini), sailfin tang (maneoneo), orangespine unicorn fish (umaumalei), bullethead parrot fish (uhu), a girlfriend (ipo) LOL!

As far as snorkeling gear goes, I am using a basic but reliable US Divers snorkel set and the girlfriend is using this TUSA set.  All images taken with GoPro Black with float handle.


Snorkelingi in Hawaii. from Kenny Muise on Vimeo.


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