We’re Still Here, My Fellow Snorkelers!


Last Updated on June 30, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Hey everyone!  Howze it?  Long time no talk, huh?  Sorry.  I’ve been traveling a lot this summer.  We started off on the Big Island and Maui for some snorkeling and sight-seeing just before Lizzy went on to training at Fort Sam Houston to be a US Army officer.  She’s all done now and has been stationed at Ft Gordon Georgia…which is where I’m currently writing this update post.

Good news and Bad News

I’m really proud of Lizzy.  She did a great job at training and I know she is going to be a fantastic Army officer.  We have found a nice little condo in Augusta and we’re starting to learn our way around the area.  (It’s no Honolulu, though).

Which brings me to the bad news…’

Unfortunately, we won’t be living in the heart of some of the greatest snorkeling in the world on the Hawaiian Islands anymore.  Bummer.  Lizzy made a decision to be an Army officer and to support/give back to the country that she loves.  I just retired from the Army in March of this year, and I’m here to totally support her.

The End of Snorkel Store?

Hellz no!  We are already planning some great trips to the Carribean and other locations that we know to be some fantastic tropical snorkeling spots.  I don’t think I could live without tropical, balmy weather anymore as Oahu has surely spoiled me.  Yesterday it was 60 degrees in Augusta and I was shivering.

Besides that, we are going to hit up Europe sometime in the next year because Lizzy has never been.

Also, I have enough snorkel gear, photos, and experiences that we haven’t talked about or reviewed yet here for the Snorkel Store readers and I’m pretty sure that I can keep this going for much longer.  We have been talking about starting a forum as well to allow some user generated tips and content on the site so that we can force multiply our efforts on getting great snorkel gear at great prices and using it safely in the best spots.

Thanks everyone for hanging in there during the long, quiet summer of 2017.  I know it must have felt like we’ve been ignoring The Snorkel Store and, in a way, I guess we were.  It’s just that “big boy and girl problems were happening” lol…life isn’t ALL snorkel and sun even though we would very much like it to be.

For those of you who are not regular visitors to the website then “welcome” and “please come back”.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email (contact page) or the Facebook page.  I do my best to get back to everyone who contacts me.

As always, Snorkel Safe!

Ken and CPT Lizzy



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