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5 Best US Divers Snorkel Sets

US Divers is a brand that we really like here at the Snorkel Store.  They make really good snorkel equipment sets that are affordable.  You won't find many "premium" sets that go for over...

The 10 Best Snorkel Masks You Can Buy this Summer

Are you out to find the best snorkeling mask that you can get?  One that fits well, is comfortable, and maybe has some cool additional features likes a built in GoPro mount or tinted...

Aqua Lung Vision Flex Snorkel Mask Review: Frameless Mask with Semi Dry Snorkel

The Aqua Lung Vision Flex is a convenient mask and worth every penny that it sells for.  It's versatile enough to be used for snorkeling in the ocean or just swimming around in a...