Aqua Lung Vision Flex Snorkel Mask Review: Frameless Mask with Semi Dry Snorkel


Aqua Lung Vision Flex with Snorkel


Great mask. Worth the money.



  • Frameless
  • Lightweight
  • Low volume


  • None really. Need fins?

Last Updated on July 3, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

The Aqua Lung Vision Flex is a convenient mask and worth every penny that it sells for.  It’s versatile enough to be used for snorkeling in the ocean or just swimming around in a pool.  Besides being manufactured by one of the leaders in snorkel gear brands, it comes with some great features and benefits.

Also, keep in mind that you will not always need an entire snorkeling set to get started.  It matters on what snorkel gear (if any) you’re already using and how much you’re going to be using that gear.  If you do need fins, then please see our fins archives for some great recommendations.

Here’s what you get with the Aqua Lung Vision Flex Mask and Snorkel Combo:


The Vision Flex is a frameless mask for ultra comfort and low volume.  It’s so comfortable that some reviews on Amazon claim that they almost forget the mask is there.  Due to the bi-color silicone in this make and model from Aqua Lung, the mask comes stylish in a variety of colors including: all black, blue on clear, aqua on clear, lavender on clear, white on clear.  The all black and the white frame on clear silicone look particularly sharp.

The mask has slanted lenses made of tempered glass for a wide viewing window.  It also has a buckle system that is ultra quick to adjust and fit for comfort and wear.


The snorkel itself has a splash guard to keep the surface water out making this a semi-dry snorkel.  Although not dry snorkel, it does have a purge channel built in and purge valve at the bottom.  The lower part of the snorkel is made of a flexible corrugate material for easy fit and comfort while the mouthpiece is being utilized.  Lastly, the snorkel keep is a quick-fix make that easily goes on, off and slides for the perfect placement.

All in all this is a solid mask and snorkel combo from Aqua Lung that would go great with a new pair of snorkel fins or the ones that you’re already using.


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