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The Best Snorkel Masks of the Summer 2023

A lot has changed since we published last year's "Best Snorkel Masks for the Summer" article. You'll find a few still on the list from last year, but the full-face snorkel masks are tearing...

NEW Full Face Snorkel Mask Set with Mares Sea Vu and Ocean Pro Fins

This is one of those snorkel sets that I saw and I just had to review.  I'm always scouring the market for new sets and, let's face it, it's kind of difficult to "reinvent...

The 5 Best Mares Snorkel Sets

Mares is one of those snorkeling gear manufacturers that provides an entire line of snorkeling sets that range from the recreational/hobby sets for one-time or occasional snorkelers (or those who prefer these kinds of...

Mares Snorkel Set Review with Long Blades, Dry Snorkel, Mask and Long Fin Bag

Three things about this Mares Razor Snorkel Set stand out right away: the long fins, the low-volume free diving mask, and the carry bag that fits all of it. You don’t always get a bag...

The 10 Best Snorkel Masks You Can Buy this Summer

Are you out to find the best snorkeling mask that you can get?  One that fits well, is comfortable, and maybe has some cool additional features likes a built in GoPro mount or tinted...

Head by Mares Kids Snorkel Set Review

Head Junior Pirate Swim Mask, Allegra Fin and Pirate Dry Snorkel Set.