The 5 Best Mares Snorkel Sets


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mares-snorkel-setsMares is one of those snorkeling gear manufacturers that provides an entire line of snorkeling sets that range from the recreational/hobby sets for one-time or occasional snorkelers (or those who prefer these kinds of sets) to the more premium snorkeling sets for people who snorkel continuously throughout the year or are looking for a quality set that will last them a long time.

Lots of the Mares line of snorkeling equipment is actually produced by their sub organization, “Head”.  That’s the reason while you’ll often see snorkeling sets and gear dubbed “Head by Mares”.   Head by Mares produces some really quality gear for both kids and adults.  While much of their equipment is aimed at the more serious free divers and spear fishing lovers, you can always hybrid it over to be used for snorkeling.  However, they make a line of equipment that is primarily designed for the recreational snorkeler, too.

These are in no particular order.  I will say, though, that we love the Mares Razor set (second one listed here).  However, for recreational purposes you can get along with the basic set (fourth one listed here). Without further adieu…

Head by Mares Top 5 Snorkel Sets


Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Snorkel Set (Hybrid Set with Phantom Aquatics)

This is a good set that I would consider just a notch below the Razor (below) and the price is a little bit less.  The Mares Pro Polytec set comes with full foot fins so you may need snorkel booties for comfort.  Besides that, the fins are powerful and long.  You get a Phantom Aquatics silicone purge mask and dry snorkel with a purge in that, too.  The bag fits it all and is a single shoulder strap style with an outer pocket for extra carry.

mares-long-fin-snorkel-setMares Razor Snorkel Set (Hybrid with Phantom Aquatics)

We have fully reviewed the Mares Razor snorkel set here.  In case you don’t want to click over to that reviews, then here are the details of this awesome set:  A pair of the best long blade snorkel fins that we have used that are full foot and sleek.  These fins push you through the water with ease.  The mask and snorkel are among Phantom Aquatics best products.  We love the bag in this set, too.  It carries it all, looks good, and the long fins are not the easiest products to find carry bags that are included in the set.

Mares LiquidSkin Snorkel Set

This a full Head set that doesn’t hybrid in with the Phantom Aquatics gear.  You get a really good set here for a very affordable price.  The LiquidSkin i3 maskthat is top notch and keeps the water out PLUS has ultra-soft silicone for comfort and fit.  The snorkel is “Super Ultra Dry”,  so they are pretty confident that it keeps the water out at the surface and when diving.  The open heel fins are good because they offer more leeway in fit and they are standard size. And it comes with a basic mesh carry bag that gets the job done but isn’t fancy.

Mares Basic Snorkel Set

This may be theset that most will opt for because of the price.  You get solid-performing VOLO, open heel fins, silicon mask that seals well and is comfortable, Head dry snorkel that keeps water out pretty well, and a basic bag.  We’ve actually used this set and it stands up comparatively to our US Divers and TUSA sets that we use on a regular basis when we aren’t reviewing and testing a set.  Again, not as good as the 3 previous Mares snorkel sets that we’ve listed here so far but it is a nice recreational set that you can travel with and store for later use.

Mares Tarpon Snorkel Set

This is the only set that we can dub as a “chance”, only because we can’t see enough of a difference in this set from the basic set above and, in fact, we like the plastic/mesh/zip bag a little bit less.  That being said, it is a decent price for a Mares snorkel set.  You get dual lens mask, soft touch and easy adjust buckle system, dry snorkel, and open heel VOLO fins.

Honorable Mention: The Mares Marlin Set

Those are our picks for the top 5 Head by Mares snorkel sets that you can get.  If you don’t anything that catches your eye there, then take a look at some popular and best selling snorkel sets below.

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