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Aqua Lung Sport Nautilus Roll Up Snorkel Review

Roll up snorkels are taking the snorkel, SCUBA, and spear fishing sports by storm these days.  I guess the best thing about a roll up snorkel is the ease in which it stores and...

The 5 Best Things About Snorkeling According to Snorkel Ken

This is an article about the five best things about snorkeling.  However, stick with me through this long introduction.  I'll try to keep it real and somewhat entertaining...  Away. We. Go. Lots of people have...

Mask Defog with Carribeaner

2 oz Sport bottle with carribeaner Mask Defog 500 PSI Mask Defog is without question the clearest, longest acting and most effective defog on the market. One application works for at least three dives in one day. Cleans your mask each time you use it. Wet or dry application.

Aqua Lung Sport TREK Snorkeling Fins – Aqua, Large

The Trek Fins are great and very popular with the snorkelers and swimmers. They are compact and can easily pack in your luggage for air travel.

TUSA Sport Reef Tourer Snorkel Fins, Large, Blue

The UF-14Z Reef Tourer travel fin is a new idea for snorkeling fins. Built with TUSA quality, the foot pocket is made with a soft, durable compound designed for comfort. The open-heel design allows for quick and easy size adjustment and the silicone heel strap enhances comfort and durability. This sturdy fin is engineered to provide a lot of power for its small size. The fins are compact and lightweight ideal for travel and easy to take anywhere. TUSA’s industry leading 3 YEAR WARRANTY.