The 5 Best Things About Snorkeling According to Snorkel Ken


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This is an article about the five best things about snorkeling.  However, stick with me through this long introduction.  I’ll try to keep it real and somewhat entertaining…  Away. We. Go.

Lots of people have tried snorkeling.  Many of those will claim to “like” or “love” snorkeling.  You’ll see many blog posts, social media statuses, and verbal claims that people had “the time of our lives” snorkeling in <insert some awesome beach and/or island vacation location>”.

Snorkeling is a fun, adventurous activity that has many things going for it. So, what’s the best thing about snorkeling?  The first time I snorkeled in Hawaii was baffling for me.  I rented some snorkeling equipment at Hanauma Bay on Oahu in Hawaii and went at it.  Granted, it wasn’t the best snorkeling gear…but for a first-timer it was freaking awesome!

I couldn’t believe that there was water that was that warm, that clear, and that had that many fish.  It was new to me and I love the hell the out of it.  To me, that day I was living the Blue Lagoon fantasy without the half naked girl and without the stranded on a desert island kind of stress that comes along with it.  It was…paradise.  I fell in love with snorkeling on that day.

As time went on I realize that I was not only mesmerized because snorkeling was a new, great thing but it was the ONE thing that made me relax the most.  Snorkeling, to me, is the place where everything else is non-existent.  And I mean everything.  It’s the time that I have to myself while there’s people around.  The rest of the dads who are reading this will understand this analogy:  It’s your time on the toilet amidst a busy house.  That’s really the only thing I can compare it to so that others will know what I’m talking about.

When I’m in the water with my snorkeling gear on I don’t really know what else is going on around me.  Sure, I’m always aware of the person or people I’m with just to make sure they don’t start inhaling ocean and ruin everyone’s day, but I’m really just…at ease.  I know what else is going on around me but I’m also in my private time.  My me time.  That time that makes me think to myself:  “This whole life thing…it’s going to be alright because, right now, I feel great.”

That’s what snorkeling is to me.

Here are what I think the Best Things about Snorkeling are:

sharp coralA Whole New World


There is nothing like walking into the ocean, putting on fins, mask and snorkel and then submerging into a completely different world than where you just were a second ago.  Looking at the same people, the same traffic, the same cubicle…heck, even the same damn kids or spouse everyday gets to be too much.  There are new and different things to see just below the surface of the water that snorkeling offers.

The Marine Life

Kind of tied in with the first one but not as much as you may think.  The ocean and marine life will blow your mind.  Turtles, fish, coral, eels, dolphins, seals, sea horses, sea cucumbers, shells, snails, lobster, crab…I could go on.  These animals are so beautiful in their environment.  Even sharks, scary as hell as seeing one might be, is a gorgeous creature in the water.

A Quiet Solitude  

This the main reason why I snorkel.  I get away.  From it all.  Everything.  There’s nothing under that water with me but me and what I’m looking at.  Of course, I always keep snorkeling safety on my mind and keep an eye on my snorkeling buddy but the solitude under that water is much better than you can imagine.  If you are already a snorkeler then you know what I mean.  If not…you will.  For me, there is no greater peace.

Plus, It’s Exercise

Swimming is great exercise. According to, a 5 foot, 6 inch women who is 35 years old and weight 135 1bs will burn about 500 calories with a couple of hours of snorkeling.  Swimming builds muscular endurance as well as helps you lose weight and cardiovascular conditioning.  Snorkeling is great exercise for something that is so fun  to do!

Oh,  the Images and Videos

Lastly, as far as the best things about snorkeling goes, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention all of the great pictures and videos that you can capture with the right underwater camera.  Imagine the greatness that you’ll achieve by getting all of those images and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!  Show off your snorkeling skills to friends and family as well as keeping all of those photos and videos for memories in the years to come.


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