The Tribord EasyBreath is Catching Some Momentum


Last Updated on June 21, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

easybreath snorkel maskIt’s been about two weeks since we first talked about the Tribord EasyBreath Snorkel mask and it seems that the product is gaining more and more momentum in online shops, reviews, and even a few dive shops scattered here and there around the world.

These are a few of our thoughts after reading our review of the EasyBreath and those of others online.

We initially said that one of our main issues with the EasyBreath is that it doesn’t really teach you “how to snorkel”. We’re going to caveat on that one a bit and take it back just a notch or two.

It Does Not Teach People to Snorkel

We still believe that the EasyBreath does nothing in making people more comfortable snorkeling or learning how to snorkel with a mouthpiece or even a regulator in the event that they actually want to do some SCUBA along the way. Our opinion is not going to change on that.

The Tribord EasyBreath is For People Who DON’T WANT to Learn to Snorkel!

However, where the EasyBreath really becomes a star is with people who don’t WANT to learn to snorkel. If you’re reading this then you might be a snorkel nut but people who don’t want to learn to snorkel actually do exist. Some people just want to experience snorkeling. Or they want to do it once on their island vacation to say they’ve done it and get some cool pics to do along with it.

That’s where the EasyBreath by Tribord really has a place. You can put this mask on just about anyone and they’ll be able to snorkel right away. The mask is especially easy for people who have never snorkeled before to learn to use it. Why? Because they’re not accustomed to wearing a traditional mask and having a snorkel in their mouth.

Transitioning to a Traditional Snorkel Set Up Can Be Difficult

The same cannot be said for those who fall in love with snorkeling while using the EasyBreath. They will have a harder time learning to snorkel without the mask and with regular snorkel gear than even those who have never snorkeled before. That being said, it’s still not a bad snorkel mask. It is different, yes. It is a little cumbersome, yes. But with the way the mask is built and the way it more evenly disperses the pressure of the mask on the whole, wider face area it is a comfortable mask. By including the nose and mouth with breathing, the mask allows for people who just can disassociate the nose-mouth breathing in a regular snorkel set up.


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