Why You Should Never Snorkel Alone: Safety, Convenience and More Fun


Last Updated on July 10, 2024 by Snorkel Ken

snorkel-buddyThere are a bunch of different reasons why snorkeling with a buddy makes the experience more fun. No one who contributes to this site has ever, and never will, go snorkeling alone. It’s just the policy of the site. It helps a great deal that we enjoy snorkeling so much and doing so together makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

Your snorkeling buddy, or team, doesn’t need to be a military-like, safety unit that gets in the way of fun rather than allow the others freedom to explore and see what they want. The only thing that you need is another (or more) person that is aware, competent, and willing to have a great time.

3 Reasons to Snorkel with a Buddy or a Team


This is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone is responsible for their own safety above all else. However, when you run into trouble in the water then it is a great feeling to know that you have a reliable person in the water nearby. Whether you get cramps or become too fatigued to continue, then that person can help you over the hump and make sure that you’re safe. Besides all this, you will just feel more secure in the water with someone nearby that you know that you can count on.


With a snorkel buddy you have that person you may need to pull your hair away from the snorkel strap and mask so that you can snorkel more comfortably. A snorkel buddy makes sure that there is always someone around to hold your camera or help you slip in and out of your fins. Or how about a person to give you a hand when slipping in and out of the water when the snorkel entry point isn’t a nice gently sloping beach that you just walk into? Snorkel buddies are a great advantage.

More fun!

Taking selfies together in the water is more fun. Having someone nearby that can get your attention when they see something really great and interesting makes snorkeling more fun. Having someone that experienced the same thing as you and being able to relate back to it together is a great way to make snorkeling and the memories more fun. Oh, and if you really want to forge a lasting relationship with someone then snorkeling is one of those fun and challenging activities that are a great way to do it.

While 2 people are a team, the best situation would be 3 people snorkeling together. For all sorts of reasons this just makes sense:

Safety-if someone is in trouble then one person can assist while another goes and yells for help.

Practicality-you have one person helping another get their fins on so that they are comfortable while the third person can hold cameras and take pictures.

Fun– Two is a couple…three is a party. Fun in numbers!

Read more about our snorkeling safety rules here. Thanks for reading and as always…snorkel safe and snorkel fun!


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