5 Best Snorkeling Gear Sets for Women


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Women want to look nice. And that’s a good thing. They want to snorkel just as much as us guys do, and probably more…they just want to look damn good doing it. Again, that’s a good thing. Guys don’t care as much about how they look as much as they care about how fun of a time they can have doing it. This doesn’t cover the way everyone is but it’s a good starting point.

Buying women’s snorkel gear is a lot like buying guys snorkel gear. It needs to fit well, be quality material, and made by a leader in the industry in order to ensure the time spend snorkeling is a good one. Girls tend to have softer faces than man and slightly smaller features so that the best snorkeling gear for women should be made with women in mind.

Just like our 5 best snorkeling gear sets recommendations for men article, if you don’t like our ideas here then we have listed the top selling women’s snorkel gear just below this post to make it easier for you to find what’s hot on Amazon right now.

The 5 Best Women’s Snorkeling Gear Sets

The Promate Snorkeling Set with Boots and Bag

This is definitely one of our favorite snorkeling sets out there for the ladies. The price is a little bit higher than we usually like to recommend but we only do so because of the quality of this set and the fact that Promate is throwing in some snorkeling booties to go with it. You get: great, open heeled fins with booties, dual lens mask and soft silicone skirt that seals well, a snorkel whistle and mesh carry bag. Various colors.

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Cressi Palau Snorkel Set for Women with Dry Snorkel

The more I use, review and write about Cressi snorkel gear then the more I tend to like the brand. The Palau long blade fins offer great power and comfort in the water, silicone dry snorkel that is comfortable for the mouth, soft silicone skirt on a mask with an extra seal ring, and a mesh carry bag. Despite the difference in price, this set rivals the Promate. Various colors.

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US Divers Diva Snorkel Set for Women with Trek Fins and Dry Snorkel

This is a very strong women’s snorkel set I see all of the time on Hawaiian beaches by tourists and locals. The trek fins are easy to carry, store, and provide great power and versatility doubling as a body boarding fin. Totally dry snorkel with small comfortable mouthpiece. Single lens snorkel mask with great seal and hypoallergenic material. The carry back is of good quality and zips to carry the entire set.

The Diva snorkel set comes in 11 including: purple, coral, aqua, arctic blue, hot pink, mint grean and teal.

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Promate Women’s Snorkel Set with Dry Snorkel and Panoramic View

This is a great set that offers a mask with 3 lenses and a panoramic view of the underwater world in front of you. The wide viewing ensures that you don’t miss a thing and makes under water seeing feel a little bit more natural. The snorkel mask also has a purge valve for easy clearing. The snorkel is 100% dry and has an emergency whistle built in. Powerful, standard sized fins with open heel pocket (consider picking up some snorkel booties), and a mesh bag to carry it all in. Various colors.

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Tusa Tri Visio Snorkeling Set

While not made primarily for women, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that snorkeling set that my girlfriend uses…and loves. As a matter of fact, each time I’ve taken her Tusa set out for a spin I can see why she likes it so much. The silicone is softer than my US Divers set and the mouth piece on the snorkel is a bit smaller for a more comfortable fit. Open heel pockets on the snorkel fins may require booties for extra comfort but they work great and the panoramic view on the mask is as good on this set as the Promate set above.

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 More Great Selling Women’s Snorkel Sets:

As promised, below is a list of the best selling women’s snorkel gear on Amazon.   If you don’t like our recommendations above then you can turn to Amazon to take of anything you need!

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  1. what size would i need when buying the new face mask that has recently come on the market, the wide open face type? i am a female 5’6 & a bit overweight if that helps


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