Body Glove Snorkel Set Review: Lucent XP with Sport Fins and Dry Snorkel


Body Glove Lucent XP Snorkel Set


Great option for beginner and seasoned snorkelers



  • Great fins
  • Kids Set option
  • Mask and snorkel above par


  • Weaker snorkel bag
  • Only two colors

Last Updated on July 4, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

From Body Glove Aquatic we get yet another solid, high performing snorkel set that really delivers in the clutch and which I consider a borderline “premium” snorkel set.  Body Glove continues to meet all of our water sports and snorkeling needs and the Lucent XP setdoesn’t stray from that continued service. For the quality of the gear that Body Glove provides you may think that these snorkel sets should go for a more premium price however the company continues to keep the cost manageable and still retain create models.

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Features of the Body Glove Lucent XP Snorkel Set:


Fully tempered glass that meets ANSI standards.  This means that you can actually the mask for activities at greater depths such as free-diving and SCUBA.  A silicone skirt that provides good seal and great comfort as well as easy to adjust strip clips and straps for use on the go and in the water.


Fully dry snorkel with a valve that closes when submerged and a cover to prevent splash water and dive water from entering the tube.  Easy to clear with the purge valve and ergonomically designed for comfort while in the mouth.


Open heel, sport fins with adjustable buckles make them easy to fit and adjust to different shaped and size feet as well as drainage vents to prevent the fins from holding and keeping water.  Available in sizes small through large (4.5 to 13)


Not a great upgrade from the regular snorkel carry bags that you’ll see on the market but there is a slight quality swing with the feel and having a separate pocket for the mask on the inside of the bag as opposed to a one-compartment, draw-string type snorkel gear bag that you find with some sets.

Final Analysis:

We continue to be impressed by Body Glove snorkel sets like this one when they actually put thought and effort into creating one.  It is similar to the Cirrus  and Vapor sets in extreme quality.  However, besides those two sets and this one, Body Gloves does also put out some stinkers.  However, you can be comfortable and confident in this snorkel set and it should last you a long time and be all that you need in the water.

Also, take a look at the Junior Lucent Set on Amazon![amzn_product_inline asin=’B006ZEZ51E’]


  1. Thank you for your time and effort ..this helped me a lot..i purchased a bodyglove and had Fırst snorkelling exoerience 2 days was amazing to see sohal tangs maç angels damsels mainly abudefduf turtles groupers

    • Yavuz,

      Awesome! I’m glad we could help. Sounds like you had an amazing time. That makes us happy. Thanks for stopping by and saying so!

      Ken and Lizzy


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