Body Gloves Best Snorkel Sets for Kids and Adults


Last Updated on June 23, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

body glove snorkel gearBody Glove is a company and brand that has a long relationship with the ocean.  Their love for everything ocean makes Body Glove a brand that you can trust.  Unlike most brands that we review on this site such as Aqua Lung, US Divers, TUSA, Seavenger, Cressi, and Promate, Body Glove is a brand that kind of gets its feet wet in many types of products.  (Pun intended)

Body Glove has products in surf, cell phone cases, snorkeling and diving, clothing, and wake.  Don’t let the surfer boy and girl image that comes along with Body Glove dissuade you from looking a little deeper into their surf, dive and snorkel gear, though.  To be honest, that image did cause me a little hesitation from using a Body Glove snorkel set but when I finally did it was very worth it.

We’re hoping to get our hands on a lot more Body Glove snorkeling gear so that we can review.  (So, Body Glove if you’re reading this then us your best snorkel sets so we can test it out!)

We were able to purchase and review our own Body Glove snorkel set this past weekend.  Body Glove makes a pretty wide variety of snorkel gear for both adults and kids.  In addition, they also have a large offering of dive and snorkel individual pieces for you to construct your own snorkel set if you wanted.

Top 5 Body Glove Snorkel Sets for Adults and Kids

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Body Glove Adult Vapor

In our opinion, this is the premiere snorkel set in the Body Glove line.  We used it this past week at the best West Oahu snorkeling spots and it proved to be pretty awesome.  Read our in-depth review right here!

Body Glove Adult Lucent

Full dry snorkel, vented fins for draining, purge in the bottom of the snorkel for easy clearing and a dual-lens, tempered glass mask for great seal and maximum field of sight while under water.

Body Glove Kids Lucent

Same as the adult but built with smaller faces, mouths, and feet in mind.  Soft silicone for a great, comfortable seal and dependable, dry snorkel.

Body Glove Adult Amani

Liquid silicone facial skirt and strap provides soft and comfortable fit. High efficiency channel system designed to maximize thrust and minimize fatigue. Flexible ribbing system for flexibility and minimize fatigue. Quick release buckle allow foot straps to be taken off easily. Submersible dry to prevent water entering into the tube. Silicone patterned mouthpiece for extra comfort.

Body Glove Adult Cirrus Pro

Really good fins that really thrust the user through the water.  Single lens snorkel mask for tri-view and great visibility.  Mask purge and snorkel purge for clearing water quickly and easily.







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