Body Glove Vapor Snorkel Set for Adults Review


Body Glove Vapor Adult Snorkel Set



  • Great comfort
  • Frameless mask
  • Dry snorkel


  • No bag

Last Updated on July 3, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

When we first started to play with the idea of reviewing a Body Glove snorkel set our number one priority was to try and review the best that they had to offer.  So, I ordered a set off of Amazon that had good reviews in other spots.  Surprisingly, this set that we ordered only had 1 review on Amazon and it wasn’t a good one.  We have since used and tested this set and found it to be a solid one…so we also added that in the reviews on that page.

We recently added an article to our blog that lists what we think the best snorkel sets by Body Glove are but the Vapor set is the one we actually, physically used and that is where this review comes from.

The first thing about Body Glove is that they do a lot with ocean, surf, dive and wake.  Their image is that of, in our opinion, the “surfer dude” or “surfer girl” and we were wary to buy and review.  We just didn’t want to make the mistake of buying a brand name that didn’t live up to a good quality snorkel set.  That is one of the reasons why we started this site in the first place; to find quality snorkel gear at a decent price so there was no money loss and people would have a great experience snorkeling.

What we found was that Body Glove really does make good snorkel and dive gear!  The Vapor snorkeling set was everything that we like about snorkel gear.  (Plus, the fact that we tested it in Hawaii and the Body Glove logo was all over our gear made us pretty cool…or we thought so, anyways!)

Body Glove Vapor Adult Snorkel Set Features


Full tempered glass that meets every qualification in the American National Standards Institute.  These are the guys and gals that set the standards on all manufactured goods in the US.  It is a dual-lensed mask with a low volume and great field of view.

Above all, the mask is frameless for comfort and the silicone skirt is soft and comfortable for a great seal and enjoyment for using.  There is almost NO PAIN, even after hours of wearing the mask because of the build and design.


Awesome design for comfort.  Completely submersible and, again, it is soft and adjustable for a great fit and long use.  The purge system worked great on ours but there was little water that entered due to the dry valve, anyways.


High efficiency channel system designed to maximize thrust and minimize fatigue. Flexible ribbing system for flexibility and minimize fatigue. Quick release buckle allow foot straps to be taken off easily.  They’re a sturdy fin without being too rigid.

Final Note

The one thing that we were disappointed in with the set is the lack of a bag.  We base a lot of our review on the quality of the snorkel bag in sets because we think that it is a feature that can really set a snorkel set apart from others.  Lots of companies make good gear, very few make and include good bags with their sets.  For that reason, the Body Glove Adult snorkel set lost a lot of points, but that is really the only area they didn’t get a “10” in our review process.


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