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Affordable Underwater Cameras

We ‘re always trying to find value at the SnorkelStore.net.  Whether it be from our snorkel gear, beach gear, and even underwater cameras.  We want to review cameras that are great performing devices and that won’t break the bank.  

It doesn’t matter which adjective you use:

  • affordable underwater camera
  • cheap underwater camera, or
  • inexpensive under camera.

The fact of the matter is that you want a camera that is going to do it’s job:  take good photos underwater so that you can show everyone back home the picture of you and that turtle in Hawaiian waters.  The images will also bring joy and sweet reminiscence to your family/group for years to come.

Truth be told, we don’t need a top of the line underwater camera for snorkeling in most cases.  There are devices out there that cost $1k or more.  That’s completely unnecessary unless you plan on getting into the underwater photography hobby/business very seriously.  We like to hover right around $500 for our top prices and see how low we can go and still get great images.  For example, the SeaLife Micro HD Underwater Camera Review is perfect for us and comes in at the high-end of what we’re willing to pay for an underwater camera.  And it takes great photos. You can find other underwater camera reviews and information below.  

No matter which way you go–affordable or expensive-an underwater camera is something that we consider a must have while snorkeling.