Packing and Flying with Your Underwater Camera


Last Updated on June 27, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

underwater-camera-travel-case-tipsYou’re buying an underwater camera so that you can travel to tropical locations and get your snorkel on, right?  Well, you can’t just throw an expensive camera into a duffle bag and hope that it makes it to your destination all in one piece.

Here are some tips to make sure that your new camera makes it and you can snorkel with it when you get there!

Use a Camera Bag!

You don’t have to go out and throw down a lot of money to buy a high-end camera bag but you should at least have some sort of bag that was made for a camera.  There’s a lot of movement, jostling, throwing, and dropping that goes on with a normal piece of luggage at an airport, taxi stand, hotel bellhops etc. 

If you have a compact camera you can pack it in the camera case that (hopefully) came with it when you made the purchase.

Cameras with Big Bags (like DSLR units) Should Be Checked

Don’t try to stuff you expensive DLSR into a smaller bag than it’s made for so that you can carry it on.  Put it in a proper camera bag or piece of luggage and check it. 

If You Do Carry On, Pack Accordingly

There’s always a chance that the plane and overhead bins will run out of room and you’ll need to have your bag checked from the passenger cabin. 

Bring Your Laptop or Tablet

You’ll need to remove your photos from the memory card and store that data and images on larger pieces of equipment to make room and to do editing.  I like to save mine on Dropbox until I get back home and then do all of my editing but many people like to do their editing on the same trip during down time.

Plus, it’s always a lot more fun to hang in the hotel room at night and go over your day’s adventures together as a family, couple, or even alone.

Pretty simple tips for your underwater camera traveling! 


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