Cressi Frameless Snorkel Mask Review in Multiple Colors


Cress Frameless Snorkel Mask



  • Frameless
  • Low Volume
  • Tempered Glass


  • Thin Straps

Last Updated on July 4, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

The Cressi Frameless Snorkeling Maskis a great mask with lots of color options.  What you get is a snorkeling mask that is SCUBA ready because of the tempered glass and soft silicone skirt.  The low volume and the soft silicone almost guarantees a comfortable fit every time.

If you do order this Cressi Frameless mask make sure to take some cleanser (all purpose) to the inside and outside of the mask to remove the non-scratch coating that it is shipped with, otherwise you’re sure to have fogging issues no matter how much defogger you use.

Cressi has been a pioneer in water sports and recreation gear for more than 5 decades and you can bet that this mask is made with high-quality material and years of experience, testing and feedback.

You get a great, versatile mask from Cressi with almost no leakageand straps and clips that are long lasting.  A great product from Cressi.

The Cressi Frameless Snorkeling and SCUBA mask are also available in the following colors: 

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green Camo
  • Brown Camo
  • Clear
  • Lilac
  • Pink
  • White
  • Yellow

Click here for all of the color options. Or Follow the Amazon link below!



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