Cressi Pro Light Open Heel Snorkeling Fin Review


Cressi Pro Light Open Heel Snorkel Fin



  • Soft Foot Pocket
  • Carry Bag
  • Great thrust


  • May be too rigid for beginners

Last Updated on June 29, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Cressi Pro Light Open Heel Snorkeling Fin Features:

The Cressi Pro Light Open heel is an advance snorkeling and diving fin that is made of a sturdy polypropylene in the blade of the fin and a thermo rubber sheath for the foot pocket and protective inserts.  This makes a great snorkeling fin that is powerful, balance and well sized.  If you want maximum thrust in a light-weight snorkeling fin then the Cressi Pro Lights are the ones that you’re looking for.

When we say “advanced” we mean an ultra-modern design that results in a big thrust through the entire fin and leg thrust.

These Cressi fins are great for professional divers and hobbyist snorkelers. They are worn and used by dive instructors, snorkel guides, and professional divers.

Details for the Cressi Pro Flight 

  • These fins are perfect both for beginners and for professionals and are very common amongst instructors and technical divers.
  • These Cressi fins have been designed for snorkeling, swimming and free-diving, as well as for scuba diving, where they will surprise you with their fantastic performance.

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Also Available in Yellow and Blue as pictured below: 

Sizes include:  extra small/small, small/medium, medium/large, and large/extra large

Cress Pro Light Open Heel Blue

Cressi Pro Light Open Heel Yellow


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