Full Face Snorkel Mask with GoPro Mount Review


Last Updated on June 28, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

We’re pretty obsessed with full-face snorkel masks here at The Snorkel Store.

Editor’s Note:  Since writing this article the market has exploded with full-face snorkel maks and Tribord no longer has the market covered (although it still is a really good mask).  Many of these new masks even have GoPro mounts already on them. You can check out a bunch of them here at this Amazon link.  

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While we won’t say they are the answer everyone having  a great snorkeling experience, they are still necessary for some that tend to have trouble breathing through a traditional mask/snorkel and for those who have facial hair.

From the looks of it, though, the world of full-face snorkel masks are here to stay and this NEOpine model just made it a little more awesome.  By attaching the GoPro mount on the mask, full-face users now have the ability to truly snorkel without having to worry about a thing:  They can breathe easier and take awesome GoPro quality photos at the same time.  Not having to worry about carrying the GoPro around and taking the perfect photo or video while at the same time breathing normally (just you would above the water) is a great advantage to those who might be a little uncomfortable snorkeling as usual.

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The NEOpine Full Face Mask with GoPro Mount comes with:

  • Full-face design for easy, worry-free breathing
  • Fits most faces with a great seal
  • No water or fogging in the mask.
  • Dry snorkel design.
  • GoPro mount for easy “look and shoot” video and image” capture.

Disadvantages of GoPro mounted masks are that you’re either constantly capturing video and imagery while the camera is mounted and in place OR you become extremely adept at reaching up over your head and finding the the button on your GoPro for recording or snapping an image.  The good thing about the GoPros, though, is that they have sound indicating beeps when record starts/stops and when photos are captured.

Buy from Amazon at a Great Price.


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