ScubaPro Frameless Snorkel Mask Review


SCUBAPro Frameless Snorkel Mask


Low volume, light weight, ultra-comfy. One of the best.



  • Lightweight
  • Easy Clear
  • Low Volume
  • Foldable


  • Wide strap is awkward

Last Updated on July 4, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

The ScubaPro mask is a single lens, frameless mask that feels light on the face and in the hand. The unique design allows there to be the one lens and a skirt but no frame. You can’t beat the comfort of a frameless mask.

Features of this Frameless, Single Lens Snorkel Mask from ScubaPro:

The single lens gives a great deal of comfort and not having a lens means that you can spend more time in the water and comfortably snorkeling.  While this mask is technically a dive mask it can be used for snorkeling.  It also has quick adjust buckle system that easily done with one hand.

The lightweight, frameless design makes clearing the mask an ease due to its low volume and profile in the water.  Many divers claim that they would not dive with any other mask and that no other mask they found fits as comfortably as the ScubaPro frameless…even ones that are double the price.

The mask sits close to the eyes, the entire mask is foldable and will fit into a cargo pocket, and the double-edged, soft silicone skirt makes this snorkeling mask a treat to wear.

Note:  This is a tempered glass mask.  While you can use this mask for snorkeling and SCUBA, the same cannot be said for masks without tempered glass lenses as they are unsuitable for diving/SCUBA.

This frameless snorkel mask from ScubaPro also comes in mini design with semi-clear silicone and a Gorilla style make, as pictured below.

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