Snorkel Deal Alert: Cressi Freediving Snorkel and Mask PLUS Cressi Fins and Bag


Last Updated on October 9, 2022 by Snorkel Ken

us-divers-snorkel-gear-deal-coupon-amazonToday, we have two separate deals for you.  However, with both put together you’re going to have a complete Cressi Snorkel Set to include a carry bag.  I love doing this kind of thing!  Checking around on Amazon for the best snorkel gear deals is one of my favorite things to do.

We are large supporters of buying a complete snorkel set so that everything matches, but when you do a little searching then you can find sets at great prices that are listed separately.  Hurry up, though.  I’m not really sure how long this deal will be on Amazon or when the suppliers will sell out.

For convenience, here are the links to the mask/snorkel set and the fins/carry bag.  Note that the photos are not that of a color matching set but when you do go to Amazon you will notice that both the fins and the mask/snorkel have different color options to choose from and you should be able to put together a pretty nice looking ensemble.

Features of this Snorkel Gear Deal

Cressi Snorkel and Mask

  • Frameless mask to reduce volume.
  • Buckles that swivel for easy adjust and good fit.
  • Fold it and simply throw it in a pocket as a back-up or use it as your main mask.
  • Cressi Dry Snorkel keeps the water out when submerged and at the surface.
  • Snorkel mouthpiece is soft and flexible for comfort.
  • Get it on Amazon


Cressi Palau Fins and Gear Bag

  • The bag is large enough to fit the fins and the mask and snorkel above.
  • Open heel design with adjustable buckles for great fit and comfort for most feet.
  • The Palau fins have a short, soft blade for thrust but also allow them to be slipped on and off whether in or out of the water.
  • Get it on Amazon

I think that getting the two product bundles above then you can save some money and still get a great snorkel set with everything that you need to get started.


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