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Last Updated on June 24, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

gallery4-thumbI really love talking about new things here on the site. Discovery is what snorkeling is all about. We’ve been in a few discussions with our friends over at about possibly getting some virtual inventory of their snorkel boards and being affiliate for them.  We like the idea of snorkel boards a lot, especially when it comes to those families with younger children.  (But let’s not lie, I’d like the chance to float leisurely on a board and look down at the fish and coral below, too.) Now, before you run off to Amazon to start researching the snorkel board let me make one thing very, very clear:  The quality of the boards over at far, far, out does those of the ones that you will find any where else.  Why?  Well, because they are solely focused on making the best item on the market.  Other manufacturers or distributors will specialize in snorkel gear (masks, fins, snorkels, rach guards, etc.) and then throw in a snorkel board as an after thought.  That’s not the case with these guys and gals.  Their specialty is the snorkel board and they put out one helluva’ product.

154h-orange-blue-redFeatures of the SnorkelBoard:

  • Quality Construction, Made of High Density, Buoyant Foam
  • Sleek, Thin Lightweight Board is Easy to Carry
  • Surface is Easy to Clean
  • Embedded Leak-proof Goggles
  • Anti-fog technology For Hours of Crystal Clear Viewing
  • Wide Field of Vision
  • No expensive training, courses of licensing required
  • Affordable Pricing

The story of the company owner and how they came about to be snorkel board makers is kind of special in its own right and you will quickly understand why the Snorkel Board is a passion of theirs.

The idea of the Snorkelboard was conceived by its owner, Murray W. Scott in 1998. While clearing his snorkel mask in Bermuda at Tobacco Bay Beach, he had a ‘eureka moment’. He noticed that when the mask was no longer on his head and placed on the surface of the water, he had a crystal clear view of the fish and coral beneath him. He thought that if the mask could be placed into a body board, he would no longer have to worry about his snorkeling experience being consistently interrupted by a leaky or fogged up mask. This was the birth of the Snorkelboard.

Recommend that you head on over to and take a look for your self at all of the awesomeness going on over there these days. Later days and Snorkel Safe. -Ken


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