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Last Updated on July 1, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Snorkel KenCome to the snorkel activity in any way that you like.  Just don’t come to it lightly.  I’m paraphrasing Stephen King there in his book On Writing where King explains that everyone has their strengths, weaknesses, styles, voice, etc.  He doesn’t care how you approach the page as a writer…as long as you do so with passion and take the art seriously.  I think snorkeling is similar to this.

There is a lot to consider when you go snorkeling, either for the first time or the 101st time.  To many of us, there is a deep appreciation and connection with a part of the Earth that we don’t normally get to experience.  It’s more than just “seeing cool stuff”.  Although, the cool stuff is pretty awesome.

Don’t me wrong.  I’m not knocking on anyone’s good time when they go on vacation and decide to snorkel that popular spot or jump into a snorkel tour that seems like it would be cool.  There are so many vacation spots around the world with awesome snorkeling that it’s difficult to fathom:  Key West, FL, ALL of the Hawaiian Islands, Thailand, The Maldives, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and the list goes on and on.

Historically speaking, snorkeling was never a recreational activity.  In the “way-back-when”, men and women snorkeled for shells, recovery of items, and fish for food.  Even here in Hawaii, ancient people “snorkeled” to spear fish, collect crustaceans and sea urchins, etc.  It is only recently, the last 75 to 100 years or so, that people began to see snorkeling as a “wow” activity for amusement and relaxation.  And let’s face it, there is nothing more relaxing than snorkeling when you’re really into it or in a beautiful spot.

Today, snorkeling is pretty highly advanced. We have-

  • The best snorkel equipment to ensure safety and quality is readily available and affordable.
  • Snorkel scooters to help propel/pull you through the water.
  • Snorkel vests make it so even young, old and those not entirely confident in the water can enjoy snorkeling.
  • Snorkeling tours that put you in the water with whales, dolphins, manta rays, turtles and even sharks.

You need to have the proper snorkel gear, though, for a truly awesome and safe time in the water.  That’s why we created The Snorkel Store.  We love snorkeling and never come lightly to it.  We want to make sure that each and every one of our patrons and site visitors have all the information they need to snorkel safe.  That’s why we take our reviews so seriously.

Not only is snorkeling a great way to enjoy the ocean and the life within it, but it is also a great form of exercise.  You should read this article and this one if you’re new to snorkeling and are just starting out.  Of course, since snorkeling can be a rigorous at times, especially to the young and the old, it is always recommended that you consult with your doctor if you have questions about your physical ability to snorkel.

We truly love snorkeling here at The Snorkel Store.  Me and Lizzy (my life and snorkel partner) want to ensure that you love it as well and that your snorkeling experience is a positive one.  If you ever have questions, then please ask us.  You can a hold of us via the Facebook page, the contact page here, or just leave a comment in one of our articles or reviews.

We started this website about 6 months ago (late February 2015) and it has been great to write and review snorkel gear since then.  We sincerely thank you for choosing us as your trusted snorkel gear review site and we hope that we have assisted in making some great snorkel gear choices and perhaps taught you something along the way.  We know that we still enjoy this site and snorkeling as much, and probably more than, we did when we started.

Thanks again and snorkel safe.

-Snorkel Ken


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