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TUSA Sport Serene Snorkel Set Review

Our final TUSA snorkel set review is the Sport Serene Set. For a full review of TUSA and the best TUSA sets please visit this page. Even after all this time we stand by...

Promate Frameless Snorkel Mask Review with Dry Snorkel

You can go one of two ways here, really.  Promate makes two really good masks, this one-the Raven- and the other is the Shamu.  They are both really good.  However, the Raven usually costs...

Aqua Lung Sport Diva Snorkeling Set Review with Dry Snorkel (Various Colors)

This Aqua Lung snorkeling set is perfect for woman looking to start out on their first snorkeling adventure and advanced enough for those who have been snorkeling already and are looking for a quality...

Cressi Frameless Snorkel Mask Review in Multiple Colors

The Cressi Frameless Snorkeling Maskis a great mask with lots of color options.  What you get is a snorkeling mask that is SCUBA ready because of the tempered glass and soft silicone skirt.  The...

SVP Aqua 5800 Review 18MP Dual Screen Waterproof Digital Camera for Snorkeling

The SVP Aqua 5800 Waterproof Digital Camera features a dual color display with 4x digital zoom. The 1.8 inch front TFT color display is large enough to allow you to see yourself in the shot before taking the picture. 2.7 inch rear LCD display provides easy viewing of the photos. It is a 18 Megapixel camera with a 8.5mm lens. Easy to use and is suitable for any trip! It also does not stop you from capturing the perfect moments underwater! The camera supports up to 32GB of Micro SD card and is compatible with Win XP(SP3), Vista (32/64), Win 7(32, 64) and Mac OS x 10.6.8 or above.

U.S. Divers Junior Snorkeling Set Review; Fun Colors for Kids

U.S. Divers is the leading sporting goods snorkeling brand of Aqua Lung America. Captain Jacques Cousteau, explorer and inventor of the Aqua Lung, was the company's first Chairman of the Board. With 65 years of diving heritage, experience, and passion U.S. Divers has become a water sports category leader, offering a wide range of snorkeling gear.