U.S. Divers Junior Snorkeling Set Review; Fun Colors for Kids


US Divers Kids Snorkeling Set



  • Good quality
  • Great for smaller kids
  • Dry snorkel


  • No mask purge
  • Small bag (consider larger bag)

Last Updated on June 22, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

This is another kids snorkeling set with fun colors.  This one comes from U.S Divers and the youth buzz is all kinds of fun and all kinds of dependable.  It’s designed for  a smaller, younger age group (ages 3 to 6) but according to reviews online at Amazon, there have been very good stories about 8 year old kids having used this snorkel set.

This snorkeling gear is about more than just exciting colors that will catch a kid’s eye, though!

Features of the US Divers Kids Buzz Snorkeling Set include:


The basic is basic but very dependable.  Soft silicone forms a solid seal on the face and is small enough to ensure a good fit on a child.  There is no mask purge valve, however, in case a young child wants or knows how to use one.


The snorkel itself is ergonomically shaped and made to fit smaller mouths and jaws.  It is a dry-top snorkel which helps a great deal with ones so they don’t panic because the snorkel fills with water.  However, the tube does a purge valve at the bottom so that a child can learn to clear it on their own.


The fins are sharp looking and work well.  The foot pocket is open heel with quick adjust buckles for the strap.  In our experience, with smaller 5 year old girl, the straps held the foot firmly in place, the fins stayed secure, and she was comfortable the whole time once she got used to snorkeling.

Carry Bag

The carry bag is good enough to carry the gear and some sunscreen.  However, with really young children it’s possible that they won’t be lugging the gear around themselves, so it may be smart to get better snorkel gear bag and haul it for them.

This US Divers Junior Snorkeling Set comes in the following colors as seen below:  Blue, Neon with Blue, and Neon with Pink.

(Images are also clickable!)


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