The Best Tropical Vacations Spots for Christmas


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If you want to try something new, or perhaps, you’re already tired from celebrating white Christmas, then snorkeling during Christmas might be ideal for you! Why not have a trip to the Caribbean and really enjoy a warm holiday this year?  Remember, couples who snorkel together, stay together.

We have collected some of the most affordable snorkeling destinations where you can spend your Christmas, New Year, or any kind of holidays you have in mind.


Have a Snorkeling Holiday in Thailand

Thailand is considered by most tourist as the perfect tropical destination for the Holidays because this country offers sultry tropical weather all year round. There’s the Gulf of Siam and Andaman Sea where one can enjoy a long list of physical activities. However, aside from the beaches, this tropical paradise is also culture-rich, and alive with color and character. You wouldn’t have anything negative to say about their locals, because they are very friendly, the sceneries are wonderful, and by having a trip to this country, you’ll know that everything you have paid for is really worth the price or an absolute bargain!

Onshore, Phuket is very welcoming that it’s easy to feel at home. There are more than 10,000 foreign residents who have chosen to settle down in this country.

Where should you go to in Thailand to shrug off the winter chill? Have you already visited Phuket, Koh Lanta, Koh Hae, or Koh Phi Phi in the past? If not, then these are our recommendations for you. These vacation spots offer some of the world’s best swimming, snorkeling, and sightseeing activities. Particularly, Phuket Island is renowned for being a famous beach destination on a global scale. There are beautiful sandy shores that are separated by rocky headlands, and as you grace the entire west coast, you’ll begin to realize what made this the best destination for a tropical Christmas celebration.


Enjoy a Chock-full Calendar of Christmas Activities at Camana Bay

This 500-acre planned community of the north end of Grand Cayman has a chock-full calendar of Christmas activities for you to enjoy. For example, the Town Centre is the home to a huge Christmas tree. Then, the kids can enjoy having a traditional photo with Santa Claus in his Workshop. Though, on Saturdays, you can spot Santa wearing his tropical gear! As for parents, they can always check their kids into the Starfish village if they’re thinking of having some adult time to enjoy this tropical paradise.

Spend an Outside-the-Box Christmas in Vietnam

A tropical paradise that’s culturally rich and diverse, no wonder why a lot of tourists enjoy spending Christmas here. It’s a destination packed with vibrant markets, ancient temples, unique and healthy cuisines, and best of all, it’s graced with more than 2,1000 miles of coastline where the northernmost stretch is truly breathtaking.

The Halong Bay– the north’s most popular attraction, covers an area of 600 square miles, studded with a lot of jagged limestone karsts rising like building castles out of the ocean. Though, aside from that, there’s also plenty of caves, white stand, deserted beaches, and more than 2,000 islets extending into the Gulf of Tokin.

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Enjoy a Magical Tropical Getaway at the Aruba

Situated at the southern Caribbean Sea, around 27 kilometers north of the cost of Venezuela. This tropical paradise is known for the most beautiful and captivating white sand beaches in the whole world. Likewise, unlike other Caribbean islands a lot of tourists are aware of, Aruba is slightly different. It has a dry climate, as well as an arid, cactus strewn landscape. It’s probably the reasonwhy a lot of tropical lovers prefer spending their holidays here. They can rely on the weather to be pleasant and warm even during cold winter months.

Furthermore, much of the western coast of Aruba is lined with a number of resorts and fund activities that can make someone’s stay definitely worth it. For nature lovers, there’s no doubt that they’d appreciate the magical coves carved out of limestone, as well as the inlets formed by the inexorable pounding of waves.

Have a Mexican Christmas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s tourism jewels and there’s a number of reasons for that. For one, not only people enjoy going here knowing that they would always be safe in the resort areas, they can’t deny the fact that Mexico has the most interesting resort areas that wouldn’t hurt one’s wallet.

Unlike in other places where the weather is often freezing during Christmas, in Puerto Vallarta, the weather is always warm and pleasant. In fact, you don’t have to worry about freezing at all whenever you go to beaches to dive, snorkel, or just have a regular swim. Thus, it’s a perfect place for those who love doing nature activities, even during the coldest holidays.

Young woman snorkeling in turquoise tropical water among huge granite boulders at The Baths beach area major tourist attraction on Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean
Young woman snorkeling in turquoise tropical water among huge granite boulders at The Baths beach area major tourist attraction on Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

Have a Low-Key Holiday at Ambergris Caye

Those who are in search of a more low-key holidays, and hate the sight of huge chain hotels should give this tropical island a holiday visit. It’s located in Belize city, where the islands are long, thin, and the golf carts are like taxis. What’s good about this place is that, pavements are very rare. The snorkeling and diving spots here are one of the bests you can have, and it doesn’t even make a huge difference at all even though the island doesn’t have a lot of long sandy beaches.

Furthermore, considering the fact that it’s an English-speaking country, you can easily converse with the locals in order to discover the best places to go to, and the local foods that you must try.

Enjoy the Hospitality of Filipinos in Boracay Island, Philippines

Last, but definitely not least, would be the Boracay Island in the Philippines. Although the ber months marks the start of rainy season in most areas in the Philippines, Boracay rarely encounters this. The white sand beaches are near the best hotels, giving you the assurance that you’ll have a place to stay. Likewise, although the hotels here are not super cheap, you’ll find it definitely worth it once you try the all-you-can-eat buffets and sumptuous local delicacies being served. For divers and snorkelers, this is also the place to be.

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