Why Couples Who Snorkel Together Stay Together


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Snorkeling.  The natural aphrodisiac, right?  Most of  the time, yes.  However, I can’t imagine that Lizzy gets too frisky when she has to see my backside sometimes with my shorts riding up one leg when we’re snorkeling together. Also, I’ve seen Lizzy choke on sea water and, while nervous for  second, I do remember thinking that it wasn’t prettiest picture with the way her face got all convulsed and red.  For the most part, though, I am at no better place (mentally, emotionally, and physically) in this world and life than when I’m snorkeling with her.  I don’t know, I just feel better about myself and our relationship when we’re in the water together.  Of course, it helps that she is mad hot in a bikini! 🙂

To quote a similar article from ABC News way back in 2008:

“One of the reasons couples have trouble is that they have different takes on fun and bonding, Parrott says. “Intimacy and friendship for a man is built on shared activity, but for women, shared activity is a backdrop for a great conversation. What she wants on date night is a time of intimacy and friendship. He’s disappointed because she’ll never go to a game or golfing, and it’s during shared activities that his spirit is most likely to open up.”

Lizzy Snorkeling from Kenny Muise on Vimeo.

I almost opted to not use that article as a reference due to the definition of “a couple” having been so different these days than just 7 years ago, but I think we can make it work.

Snorkeling together covers most of the problems outlined above in that article.  Shared interests & activities and actually doing those things together will provide conversation and intimacy so that you have both parties in a relationship covered. One will want intimacy and friendship and the other wants to do something fun together.  Snorkeling has all of that and helps to build and augment other things like trust, conversation, intimacy, problem solving together, etc.

Benefits for Couples Who Snorkel Together:


It may be only 6 to 20 feet of water and it may be calm.  However, just being in that situation together and knowing that if something goes wrong you’ll need to depend on each other to get to safety or care is a large trust builder.

Intimacy and Physical Fulfillment

Intimacy comes in all sorts of ways.  Whether you’re holding hands and following a turtle in the water (or you never see the turtle!) or if the two of you take turns applying sunscreen on each other prior to getting into the water then you’re developing intimacy and also building on the feeling of trust mentioned above.

Lastly, if one of you (or both) are a little afraid of the water, not a great swimmer, or just not 100% sure that snorkeling is a safe activity then you’re building on that intimacy and trust as well.


Exercise is the great stress reducer.  Couples who exercise together stay together.  Snorkeling is a great exercise and spending time together getting in shape helps each other reach goals, have a more satisfying sex life, and even after years can keep your partner saying “hubba, hubba” whenever you walk into a room.

Common Interests

Seriously. Who doesn’t want to be in a relationship with someone that has common interests and goals? When you find common recreational activities that you both love then you’re on your way to a healthy and happy relationship.  So many couples are in situations where the only recreational activity they partake in is being apart from each other.

Relaxation and Mental Fulfillment

Kids.  Work.  Bills.  Car repairs.  What kind of water heater timer to buy.  Crap.  It all builds up, right?  And when it vomits out of us in frustration, who usually gets the brunt of it?  Yup.  The spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner.  Stay relaxed and keep your mind in calm-mode with the relaxing sounds and sights of the beach, water, brightly colored fish, corals and other awesome marine animals.  Seriously…just hold each other’s hand and bury your face in the water and go.  Tell me that you don’t feel better after 10 short minutes.

Team Work

From packing the snorkel gear and beach bag to actually taking the best underwater picture you possibly can takes a little bit of communication and team work.  This can spur conversation, help develop openness and communication skills, and even promote some good natured trash talking.  It’s healthy for a relationship to have a little bit of competition with each other about which one can make the other the happiest.

Additional Activities

Snorkeling together can actually birth new shared interests and activities such as fitness, swimming, underwater photo taking, shell collecting, beach walking, etc.  This acts sort of like compound interest in a bank account…once it starts going then its hard to stop the bonding and growing you’ll do as a couple.

Feeling of Being a Couple Among Others

I couldn’t imagine anything being more uncomfortable for Lizzy and I to be with another couple and not having anything to talk about that we actually enjoy doing together.  I’ve been in those kinds of relationships before and witnessed even more. It’s painful to witness and be a part of.  When you’re with your significant other and can actually “brag” about all the awesome things you did and do together then that’s the good kind of bragging because it means that your relationship rocks!

Lots of couples reference a “date night” in their relationship but who said that it has to take place at night. (Although Lizzy and I have snorkeled at night together and held hands while watching manta rays feed on the Big Island of Hawaii.)

I say that a “date night” can be a Saturday afternoon, spent on the beach, lathering each other in sunscreen, holding hands, watching/pointing/smiling at each other and fish/coral/turtles/dolphins and then hitting a beach side bar or restaurant for food and/or cocktails.

If you can’t do a Saturday (just an example anyway) then find the time to do this sort of thing with your significant other whenever and where ever possible.  Snorkeling is also just an example but it’s a damn awesome one, right?

Reference:  http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Family/story?id=5387217


  1. My wife & I agree, & even though I am new at snorkeling, we do this & A LOT of things together, & have a blast. Good article Ken.


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