The Snorkeling Infographic from The Snorkel Store


Last Updated on July 1, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

We’ve always wanted to have a snorkeling infographic with the site so that people can spread it around and maybe..just maybe get us a little publicity.  We liked the image of the bee in the snorkel gear and we figured we’d play with it a little bit.  “Bee cool snorkeling” and “The Buzz About Snorkeling” were all my idea… 🙂


We’d love if you could put this out there on your own sites, or even link to it on Facebook or share on Twitter and Pinterest! In case you want to share it on your website, then here’s the embed code for our VERY FIRST SNORKELING INFOGRAPHIC.  Trust me, they’ll get better as time goes on!  LOL

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