US Divers Lux Snorkel Mask with Purge Review (Various Colors)


Snorkeling masks that allow a lot of in are great for those snorkelers who want to get underwater and see as much as possible.  The almost transparent soft silicone that the US Divers Lux mask utilizes allows the most light in for the eyes to grab onto and see what’s all around them when underwater.

Couple that with various color options of black, electric blue, raspberry and yellow, and you have a great looking mask that does it’s job of keeping water out, easy clearing, and lets you see all that you would hope to when snorkeling.

The US Diver Lux Snorkel Mask for adults comes with a a purge valve under the nose for easy clearing of the mask when water gets in.  It is also a 4 window mask which allows for a maximum viewing capability and ensures that you don’t miss a thing under the water.



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