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Ladies and Gents…Snorkelers of ALL Ages,

You know how much we love the snorkel life here at the Snorkel Store and that’s why we’re always super excited to find another entity that loves the life as much as we do. I’d like to introduce you to one such site and two great people from www.snorkelaroundtheworld.com. Below is their introduction to the readers of the snorkel store. I’ll tell ya’, if you haven’t already gone over and seen some of their awesome videos and photos from some awesome snorkeling locations around the world then you’re really missing out.

Below is their introduction to you:

Snorkel Around The World – Adventures with mask and fins

Are you interested in exploring the underwater world? Would you like to see how beautiful is the marine life but are you not a diver? No problem, you are right by Snorkel Around The World!
The Snorkel Around The World is a site dedicated to snorkeling. It is a popular, great outdoor activity what allows you to discover the underwater world without any special skills or equipment. It is easy-to-learn and fits for everybody. It does not matter you are new in snorkeling or already a pro snorkeler, you are welcome on our site.

The mission is to discover the best snorkeling places around the world, inspire people to get their mask, snorkel and fins and start new adventures under the sea.
Follow the Snorkel Around the World Instagram (www.intagram.com/snorkel.around.the.world) for daily great snorkeling photos, share your own memories with tagging #snorkelaroundtheworld.

Visit our snorkeling blog where we share our own snorkel experience, photos and videos, feature the best snorkeling spots from all over the world, but you also can read interesting underwater news, gear info or guest posts from other fanatic snorkelers.

Join the Snorkel Around The World growing community, and discover the best snorkeling places together!



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