Best Solar Powered Charging Packs for Cellphones, Tablets, and Speakers


Last Updated on June 29, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

You’re at the beach.  Having a great time. The sun shines.  The surf is calm and the water is crystal clear.  The snorkeling is out of this world.  You got some great photos!

Now it’s time to share one of those great photos to Instagram or Facebook and make all of your non-vacationing, beachless, friends and family totally jealous. 

Top Portable Solar Chargers for Snorkeling, Beaches and ALL Outdoor Activities

And then…your phone dies. @#$*!  You didn’t charge it.

Does this scenario sound familiar or like a nightmare?  This kind of situation can really throw down a cloud on an otherwise beautiful beach & snorkel day.

And, let’s not forget about the safety problems involved with no cell phone, right?  

It used to be that you’d have no choice but to either live without power for the day or pack up and go.  The times, they are a’ changing! (Luckily)

Check out some of these solar powered, power banks to keep you powered up wherever you are.  As long as there’s sun, then these outdoor solar powered chargers are the way to go!

Quick Look at the Products Reviewed in this Article:

[easyazon_table attributes=”Brand,ListPrice” identifiers=”B012YUJJM8,B00RFCVR62,B01L1OUS7S,B00NGKPX4Y,B01L1OUN8C” locale=”US” orientation=”at” tag=”snorkelstore03-20″ text=”Anker 21W |ALLPOWERS 60W |Solar Charger 21W |X-DRAGON High Efficency 20W |Solar Charger, PowerGreen 21W “]

There are two main kinds: solar powered phone cases that charge your device in the sun OR a standalone solar device that comes equipped with USB and connections to fit all devices (iPad, iPhone, tablets, Kindles, any smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, etc) 

Plainly said, if it has a input/output jack then these solar chargers can power up your gear!

Best Mat Style, Fold out Solar Chargers:

Our Number 1 Choice:  Anker 21W with Dual USB Power Port:

This mat style fold out solar charger is at the top of our list for a reason:  It’s a beast: Anker is already a big name in Bluetooth tech but this mat can charge just about anything that you can get your hands on.  Again, as long as it has a input/output/charging jack…then the Anker can pass juice too it!

Check out these Features:

  • Really Fast Charger!  

Thanks to Anker PowerIQ technology, this mat can deliver the power you need to your devices fast, fast…fast! When in direct sunlight, the Anker can deliver 2.4 amps per port.

  • The Anker is effficient:

21.5-23.5% efficient, providing enough power to charge two devices simultaneously.

  • Travel Light and Easy

It’s tiny at 11.1 x 6.3 inches when in folded config and large enough to catch all the rays you need for power when unfolded at 11.1 and 26.4 inches when unfolded.  It unfold long ways instead of wide.  

  • Tough

PET Polymer face solar panels.  (Those are the industrial strength panels!).  The material is a polyester canvas that’s strong and easy to wipe clean.

What’s in the Box?

  • The Anker PowerPort Solar charging mat
  • A 3 foot Micro USB cable.
  • A user/welcome guide.
  • 18 month warranty

Get the BEST Price HERE:

Our Number 2 Choice:  ALLPOWERS 60W Foldable Solar Charger

Right off the bat, I know what you’re thinking.  “Dang, Ken, that’s an expensive charger”. And, yeah, it costs a little bit o’ cheddar.  Think of it this way, though:  If the Anker (above) is a “beast”, then the Allpowers is an army of invasive aliens with an unknown power source that is stronger than anything you’ve ever seen.  Too much?  Well, let it be said: The Allpowers has POWER.

Here’s the Features:

  • Power:

This thing could charge an electric car! (Not really.  Don’t try it.)  USB port(5V/2.5A) with iSolar Technology for charging your 5V powered gadgets, and 18V DC output(18V/2.2A) for charging your laptop or storage battery


Allpowers has developed their own technology called “iSolar” that carries a 60W U.S. made sunpower cells that provides up 22% to 25% of mad power efficiency.

Oh..and 10 different laptop and AC connectors for charging anything you have!  

Easy to Bring Anywhere:

This charger is slim and powerful.  It’s great for a day at the beach or a long, thru-hike.  The technology allows it to be 1/3 lighter than similar tech prior to the iSolar introduction.

What’s in the Box:

Our Third Choice: PowerGreen 21W Portable, Foldable Charger

The PowerGreen foldable solar charger is another affordable option that is sort of up there with the Anker.  Again, Anker is our number 1 choice, but if you had to pick an affordable alternative then the PowerGreen may be the way to go for you. While we dont’ feel that the PowerGreen is as “pretty” or well put together as some, the unit never let us down.  We’ve taken this solar charger with us on long hikes, day trips to Maui for snorkeling, and multi-day camping trips.  

Let’s Look at some of the PowerGreen Features:

  • Power:  

The unit is a 21W so it’s on the smaller side of chargers. You get dual USB outputs and we particularly like dual device charging capability as well as the built in surge protection.

  • Efficiency:

The PowerGreen solar panel charger is basically an “unfold and plug in device“.  We particularly like the idea of draping it over your backpack while hiking and charging devices as you trek.  

  • Portability:

It’s ulrtra slim and weighs only 760g (or almost 1.5 lbs at 1.67) Don’t take the lighteight and smallish size as an indicator of what this charger can do, though. We found it really easy to charge to smartphones at the same time.  When we went to the Kindle and a phone then the charge slowed down but handled the Kindle alone with relative easy.

  • What it’s included in the Kit:

The 21W, foldable solar panel charger




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