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mermaid swim tails review

If you’re on the mailing list here at The Snorkel Store, then you may have recently received and email that talked about the influx of people we have seen on the beaches of Oahu who are wearing mermaid swim tails in the water and on the beach.  Believe me, when you’re snorkeling around Makaha Beach Park in Oahu and you see one of the ladies in her mermaid swimsuit gliding along then it can be startling for a moment and then downright amusing. I’m not going to tell you that the mermaid swim tails are a practical way of snorkeling or swimming in the water.  To me, what they are good for is a great photo collection.  Everyone takes pictures of themselves and their kids on beaches when in a tropical location.  If you’re on holiday or vacation with your family and you want to have a truly unique collection of photos to remember your vacation then taking some shots of you or your children in mermaid (or merman) tails can make it really memorable. buy mermaid swim tails Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a merman tail . That’s just me, though and to each his own. However, I can see Lizzy (my blog, business and life partner) wearing one for a couple of photos-both on the beach and in the water.  I can also see her wanting to put one on our daughter or son (I’d fight her every inch of the way, of course) if we have kids.  And, to be honest, lots of people on the Islands here in Hawaii are using them as part of a model portfolio idea to make themselves standout as well as other print and media companies using them for cover and article photos. One thing I did find over at Mermaidswimtails.com was a line of trainer snorkeling fins and and “mermaid fins”.  Now, it didn’t catch my eye because they looked mermaid or merman-ish, but I thought that the exercise and training conducted with those kind of fins might be a new challenge or something different to try out. Lots of the fins that are deemed trainer fins are great for forming leg muscles, particularly in the hips.  So, I might try one of those one day. kids and teens mermaid swim tails However, I think the main appeal of the mermaid swim tails is to put one on yourself or your daughters and take a great couple of pictures in your tropical paradise.   Mermaid swimsuits for kids make for a great “wish you were here” card or something to frame and place or hang in an area that will always remind you of your vacation.  Maybe even something you can use down the line to embarrass your daughter or son at their wedding?  LOL. If you can’t find what you’re looking for over at MermaidSwimTails.com, then maybe you can have a go at Amazon.  They have some decent products, as well.  However, with a product like this one I would recommend the actual website rather than Amazon.  But just in case, here are some alternative products:

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