U.S. Divers Junior Snorkeling Set Review (Various Colors)


US Divers Junior Snorkeling Set



  • Cool colors
  • Geat starter set for kids
  • Fins fit "most"


  • Very Basic set
  • Not a dry snorkel
  • Not a splash guard snorkel

Last Updated on July 2, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Our favorite part about this child’s snorkeling set is the colors. Or, what the colors are called.  You have a pretty typical color called “Sky Blue” but then you also have the snorkeling set available in “Slime Green”.  That’s pretty awesome in our opinion.

Features of this US Divers Junior Snorkeling Set Include:


Smaller face skirt made of comfortable material for smaller and more sensitive faces.  Usually the mask will fit ages 4 to 8 years old.  The mask is easily adjusted by way of the 3-way, Pro-Glide buckles.  Again, great colors on the mask that will really appeal to kids.


Smaller mouth piece and tube for smaller mouths and ergonomically shaped in “J” format for added comfort.  The tube is wide and open so that breathing is easier. Note:  This is NOT a child’s dry snorkel or splash guard snorkel.


Comfortable fins made of soft material with an open-heel foot pocket and a strap that is easy to adjust.  These child snorkel fins will fit pretty true with the “small” fitting 9-13 and the “large” fitting sizes “1-4” (child’s sizes, mind you).  Though the foot may not fill the entire pocket on the smaller end OR may extend through the toe hole on the larger end, the fins are designed to fit a wide array of foot size and shapes.


Typical, plastic and mesh travel bag that is fine to carry the equipment.  Kids can carry their own snorkel gear and they’ll probably want to, but it’s not a great snorkel bag!  You can carry the set with this bag but not much else.

Color Variations for this Junior Snorkel Set from US Divers include the following:

(images are clickable)



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